LAGUNA BEACH, Calif., – Dec. 20, 2010 – FutureDash Corp., a software start-up specialized in cloud-assisted real-time embedded system solutions, announces today that its GreenDash home energy monitoring software now features patent pending GridLock security: ‘second-to-none’ data protection that ensures personal home energy data remains secure, private and confidential.
Energy monitoring systems help homeowners save money by giving them the awareness they need to change energy usage patterns. But, as increasing quantities of personal energy data are transmitted and stored in cyberspace, concerns are rising over the security, accessibility, ownership and use of that data as it offers significant insights into a homeowner’s daily routines, behaviors and lifestyles without their knowledge. GreenDash with GridLock explodes the myth that complete data privacy is incompatible with Smart Grid efficiencies.

"Implementation of Smart Grid and home energy monitoring systems is being met by a rising backlash over data privacy, " said Kevin Strong, FutureDash CEO. "Historically, a monthly meter reading presented little risk. The Smart Grid changes that with levels of detail, frequency, immediacy and remote accessibility that pose a far greater threat if intercepted or misused. Our core belief is that personal energy data should remain private, unable to be used by anyone else including the home energy system supplier themselves."

In addition to existing laws that address privacy protection and data privacy in general, a patchwork of new laws and regulations specifically for Smart Grid cyber security are emerging at the State and Federal level in the U.S., in the European Union and elsewhere. Yet little of this legislation advocates first and foremost that total privacy should be the default for consumer data. Third party data access, even with ‘opt-in’ and strict controls, represents a security compromise with risks of unauthorized disclosure. If exploited, security weaknesses could expose the homeowner to invasion of privacy ranging from telemarketing calls, web and email advertising, and increased insurance premiums due to perceived higher risk, to more serious infringements such as burglaries and attacks on personal security. "Having foreseen these concerns, GreenDash was engineered with privacy by design as a fundamental concept," said Allan Hundhausen, FutureDash CTO. "We are pleased to see a number of organizations now taking initiatives providing guidance and correcting the lack of controls, including the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) drafting a set of Smart Grid security and privacy guidelines. And, on Sept. 29 this year California enacted a new law introducing privacy protections for consumers’ energy data."

GridLock technology allows GreenDash to present an instant view of home energy consumption while maintaining complete data privacy. Unlike other solutions, GreenDash displays are not viewed from a cloud based portal but from the gateway inside the home. Historical data is fully encrypted in transit to and while stored in the cloud for archival purposes. Only the originating homeowner’s gateway has the ability to decrypt and display it – even FutureDash can’t read it. No other home energy monitoring solution has placed such a high priority on security – any system not fully secure will inevitably result in consumer data being placed at risk.

An evaluation version of GridLock-enabledGreenDash is available for Smart Grid pilots/trials and channel partner testing. GreenDash operates independently of the underlying communications technology between the gateway and the energy sensing and reporting devices.   Compatible communications technologies include ZigBee® Smart Energy.

About FutureDash
FutureDash is a software start-up specialized in cloud-assisted real-time embedded system solutions that deliver personalized dashboards for the home and small business. The company’s first product, GreenDash, is targeted toward the home energy-monitoring marketplace.

FutureDash welcomes interest from channel partners looking to add white label home energy monitoring capability to their product line or who want to offer home energy monitoring as a value-added-service (VAS). Potential partners include utilities, ISPs, OEMs, hardware manufacturers, telecom and broadband service providers, manufacturers of consumer electronics, networking and residential gateway devices and retailers.

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