There’s a lot to see and learn on the Exhibit Hall floor, but you only learn when you ask questions. Following are the paraphrased answers to this question: What’s one thing about your company that isn’t widely known that attendees would find interesting?


Innovative Energy (110):
We offer the first truly distributed, scalable model for bioenergy at a cost-competitive rate.

Zachry (111): Ours is a privately held company that’s dedicated to its people.

Industrial Info Resources (315): One thing that sets us apart is that the average employee tenure at this 28-year-old company is 15 to 18 years—people stay.

FMC Technologies (333): When this company started in the early 1900s, FMC stood for Food Machinery Corporation, but now we do nothing in the food industry.

Flexco (833): The longevity of our sales force is more than 25 years on average, so they really understand your system.

Fuel Tech (1325): Most people don’t know that we do both boiler efficiency and air pollution control, where you get the best of both worlds.

Harper Industries (1625):
 Our self-leveling mowers are capable of mowing slopes such as ponds, reservoirs, and railroad right-of-ways up to 34 degrees.

Now it’s your turn—stop by a familiar or unfamiliar company’s booth and ask the folks about their business!