Westbury, New York (October 21, 2010) – Electro Industries/GaugeTech announced that a new version of its Energy Management Software Suite, Communicator EXT 3.0, is now compatible with Microsoft’s Vista® and Windows® 7 platforms.

Communicator EXT 3.0 has long set the standard for energy management software. This application solution is designed to monitor, control and analyze the use of electricity with easy-to-use, powerful tools. Based on modern software technology, Communicator EXT lets users harness the power of smart metering technology, including multi-generational support for modern and legacy meters installed worldwide.

Electro Industries’ CEO, Erran Kagan states, "It has always been our passion to be in the frontier of new technology. Early adoption of Windows® 7 support within our full product offering shows our commitment to staying in the forefront of leadership."

About EIG: For over 30 years, Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) has been one of the pioneers of smart meters. EIG meters are used extensively by Utilities, Industry, and Governments worldwide to monitor, analyze and control electricity.
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Erran Kagan