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ELECTRIC POWER Changes Its Name to Experience POWER, 2021’s Live Industry Event

POWER has renamed its flagship event, ELECTRIC POWER, to Experience POWER to more accurately reflect how the event brings to life the premier content covered in POWER magazine.

HOUSTON, Texas, December 8, 2020POWER announced today it is officially changing the name of the ELECTRIC POWER Conference and Exhibition to Experience POWER after a soft rollout of the new name when the in-person event transitioned to a fully digital event for 2020.

“The name change is part of a broader plan that will make future events more valuable, more connected, and more in line with the needs of the power industry. The new name, Experience POWER, more accurately reflects how the event brings to life the premier content covered in POWER magazine,” stated John Rockwell, Managing Director of Marketing and Events for POWER.

ELECTRIC POWER officially became a year-round experience in April of 2020 to meet the needs of the power industry amidst the pandemic by providing a platform for the power community to come together, regardless of location or circumstance. This transition led to an early rollout of the new name, which was originally scheduled to be announced at the 2021 event.

The live event, scheduled for October 18–21, 2021, at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, is thoughtfully planned for the 4th quarter of 2021 to provide ample time for events to open back up and proper health measures to be taken.

The POWER editors will be front and center in all aspects of the event, both digitally and in person, where they can deliver the most relevant topics and content facing the industry today. This year, they will expand on the annual State of the Industry session with in-depth roundtables, and will deliver live interviews and podcasts from the Editors’ Studio on the exhibit floor.

“Not only is Experience POWER the only power generation event with industry-recognized editors contributing to the event and content, but it delivers the most relevant sessions and technology, and better content than any other event in the industry,” said Matt Grant, Vice President and Group Publisher for POWER. “Experience POWER delivers up-to-the-minute knowledge and tools needed for increased reliability, resiliency, and sustainability across the entire energy sector from generation to transmission & distribution. It includes brand new activations such as the POWER Awards, editors’ studio, enhanced networking, and much more.”

Experience POWER Digital will run January–October, offering webinars, interviews, virtual roundtables, and more on a monthly basis via our digital platform.

The live event in October has a detailed safety plan and procedures that will be implemented to keep everyone healthy. Organizers are extremely confident that Experience POWER will be in a unique position to safely offer one of the first power industry events of its size covering the entire market.

The entire POWER team looks forward to continuing to bring the power community together to gain a comprehensive view of the market trends shaping the industry and an understanding of what the future holds for power generation. |