TAMPA, Fla., December 3, 2010 – Chromalloy announced today that the company will build a $5 million ceramic core production facility in Tampa, Fla., adjacent to its newly operational investment casting center.  
“Chromalloy plans to expand our capability in Tampa with a new 40,000 square foot facility to manufacture the critical ceramic cores used to cast superalloy turbine engine vanes and blades,” said Armand F. Lauzon, Jr., President.  “The facility will further differentiate Chromalloy as a world-class casting operation and single source service provider for engine component manufacture.”
Pre-engineering for the core facility is complete and construction will commence in 2011.  The core facility is scheduled to be operational in early 2012.
The new facility will allow the company to manufacture the cores that are an integral part of investment casting.  Ceramic cores are utilized in the investment casting process to form complex cooling passages within the components, which are necessary to operate effectively in the hot and highly stress sections of gas turbine engines.
“The addition of a new core production on site will reduce the casting timeline and eliminate the need to purchase cores elsewhere,” Lauzon said.  “That means our customers will benefit from even more efficient production schedules and greater consistency and process control.”
Chromalloy currently provides design, engineering, tooling, machining, repairs, coatings and cast parts for turbine engines in aerospace, aero-derivative and industrial gas turbine (IGT) applications.  Customers include commercial airlines, the U.S. Air Force, power generation and offshore platform operators, and marine operators including the U.S. Navy and cruise lines.
Chromalloy unveiled its new 150,000 square foot, state-of-the-art casting center in Tampa during a grand opening.  The casting center triples the company’s previous engine component production capability of superalloy turbine components and parts in Tampa.  Read more and view a video about the Tampa casting operation.
Chromalloy operates a second casting center for turbine engine components and parts in Carson City, Nevada.
Chromalloy is the world’s largest independent supplier of technologically advanced repairs, coatings, and FAA-approved replacement parts for turbine airfoils and other critical engine components for commercial airlines, the military and industrial turbine engine applications.  The company’s replacement parts for aircraft engines are FAA certified to meet or exceed the performance, reliability and durability specifications of original equipment manufacturer parts.
In support of marine and land-based gas turbines, Chromalloy employs identical engineering disciplines used to produce its FAA-certified parts.  More information is at www.chromalloy.com.