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BrandSafway adds precast refractory shapes to United States offerings

BrandTech™ Precast Solutions deliver results to customers 90% faster

Kennesaw, Georgia, USA, July 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –Industrial Specialists by BrandSafway recently added a hot wire CNC (computer numerical control) foam-cutting machine to its portfolio of offerings, giving the company the ability to cut precast refractory forms within just hours (as compared to days, weeks or more).This new foam-cutting service, BrandTech™ Precast Solutions, can also create higher quality precast forms with more intricate details.“CNC and forming technology have been around for a very long time,” said Austin Stonestreet, regional vice president at Industrial Specialists. “The technology was initially developed for creating signs and art sculpture. Using it to create refractory forms was a logical next step.”

Prior to using a hot wire CNC cutting machine, refractory forms were created using steel or wood and traditional techniques. “By using BrandTech Precast Solutions, we’re able to drastically speed up the form creation process by using foam, instead of wood or steel, to help our customers reduce costly downtime,” said Cody Kelly, manager of maintenance operations at Industrial Specialists. “We can create any needed refractory shapes long before the unit is shut down for maintenance, which greatly decreases downtime and shortens the turnaround schedule significantly.”

Although foam forms can only be used once, they can be cut in less than an hour, a major time savings compared to the days (or even weeks or months), it can take to make a traditional wood or steel form. Foam forms also provide the ability to sculpt intricate details in any shape, including burner tiles, tunnel covers, castable lintels, peep sights, attachments for walking beam furnaces, and custom shapes.

“We make precast shapes by using 3D models and drawings to ensure the right fit every time,” Kelly said. “Whether we’re designing multiple pieces to all work together or one unique precast piece, we think through the entire process in advance, from demolishing existing refractory to designing, creating and installing the new precast forms. This way when a plant brings down its equipment, we can help them get back up a lot sooner.”

Industrial Specialists has also acquired a 3D laser scanner. “This gives us the capability to scan extremely complex shapes and instantly develop 3D drawings of the shape, which can then be used to create forms,” explained Kelly. “The scanner is portable, too, so we can bring it to customers’ facilities as needed.”

The addition of a hot wire CNC cutter machine by Industrial Specialists came on the heels of BrandSafway’s acquisition of Alliance Refractories Ltd. in August 2018. “Alliance implemented developments from other industries that were using CNC cutting machine technology and applied them to the refractory world,” said Stonestreet. “We’ve been able to lean on Alliance’s more than 22 years of experience to offer precast shapes to our Gulf Coast refractory customers.”

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