CHARLOTTE, NC (February 26, 2020) —  Atom Power, inventor of the world’s first and only digital circuit breaker, today announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued two patents for its solid-state circuit protection technology, Patent No. 10,541,530 and Patent No. 10,276,321. These patents solidify Atom Power’s technology as the first and only true solid-state circuit breaker today, ultimately maximizing the control and safety of power distribution.

Patent No. 10,541,530, titled “Hybrid Air-Gap / Solid State Circuit Breaker,” outlines the unique design features of the Atom Switch, including an air gap to enable galvanic isolation, microcontrollers to automate functionality, specific hardware for the rapid detection of short circuits and a programmable time curve characteristic. These features maximize safety by minimizing voltage transients, allowing the Atom Switch to be used even as a motor soft-starter.

“We’re proud to be the first company to successfully introduce a true solid-state circuit breaker to the market, but our job isn’t done yet,” said Ryan Kennedy, CEO, Atom Power, “Our goal is to help make solid-state technology the new industry standard as we work to enable intelligent power distribution at scale.”

Patent No. 10,276,321, “Dynamic Coordination of Protection Devices in Electrical Distribution Systems,” highlights the unique ability of the Atom OS software to maximize available current protection. Fueled by real-time current measurement and operational conditions, the Atom OS allows for adjustment of various overload trip curves thus optimizing the distribution system for unparalleled safety. This is the first patent allowed for Atom Power focused on dynamic coordination with two divisional patents still under review.

 “These patents showcase Atom Power’s commitment to ongoing innovation in solid-state circuit protection and reinforce that our circuit breaker is the essential technology needed to make power easier and safer to control,” said Denis Kouroussis, co-founder and CTO, Atom Power. “It’s an exciting milestone for our team given the combination of technology, material science and engineering needed to bring this to life.”

Atom Power’s intelligent product suite includes its digital circuit breakers (Atom Switches), distribution panels (Atom Panels) and software (Atom OS), forming the fastest power distribution system ever, enabling circuit interruption capabilities up to 150,000-amps. A single Atom Switch replaces the need for more than 100 products used in commercial power today and mitigates explosions from electrical faults like never before.

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