In 2017 the Association of Edison Illuminating Companies (AEIC) launched the AEIC Achievement Awards Program to recognize teams and/or individuals from member companies, or AEIC committees and subcommittees who have made significant contributions to advancing operations in the electric utility industry.  In 2019, four awards were presented to four-member companies, and in 2020 four-member companies were selected to receive five awards.

AEIC is now soliciting nominations from our members for the 2021 AEIC Achievement Awards which will be presented at AEIC’s 2021 Annual Meeting. Current plans are for the meeting to be held at The Breakers Palm Beach, in Palm Beach, Florida on November 2-4, 2021. If an in-person Annual Meeting cannot be held due to COVID-19 restrictions, AEIC will host a virtual meeting in the same time frame.

Member companies are encouraged to acknowledge their accomplishments and submit one or more nominations to recognize deserving teams or individuals at your company. Guidelines for the awards program and nomination forms are included in the link below. Please note that the deadline for submitting nominations is April 2, 2021.

Member companies may submit one or more nominations in the operational categories below:

·        Safety
·        Power Generation
·        Power Delivery
·        Customer Service
·        Other Corporate Initiatives

For questions regarding the 2021 AEIC Achievement Awards Program, please contact AEIC at [email protected].

Nomination forms may be found on the AEIC website at:

Nominations should be submitted to [email protected] or by mail to:

AEIC Achievement Awards
c/o AEIC 4N
600 N 18th Street
Birmingham, AL 35203