High-Speed Precision Rotation Stage

Newport Corp. introduced the compact and high-torque RGV100HL high-speed precision rotation stage. Developed to accelerate loads having higher rotational inertia, the new stage is compatible with Newport’s XPS-DRV02 driver. The RGV100HL provides the same high resolution and outstanding positioning performance as Newport’s legacy RGV100BL precision rotation stage while delivering three times the torque and five times the acceleration.

Direct-drive technology provides faster rotating speeds with superior reliability and enhanced positioning sensitivity. By integrating the bearings with the motor, the stage’s footprint is only 115 mm x 115 mm. A precision glass scale encoder guarantees 0.0003 degrees repeatability and 0.0001 degree minimum incremental motion. The brushless DC torque motor with rare earth magnets optimizes the available torque to deliver extremely rapid point-to-point motions. The device is ideal for applications requiring fast dynamic response and for tasks that require moving larger platens, such as sensor calibration, laser micromachining, micro-robotics, and motion simulators. (

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