Thin, Flange-Style Magnetic Encoders

Baumer introduced the new MOR 90 and MOR 105 magnetic incremental encoders for improved speed and position control on electric motors, drives, gearboxes, and conveyors. Measuring just 14 mm thick, these extremely thin, flange-style encoders are virtually imperceptible when positioned between the motor and the gearbox and have little effect on the overall size of the assembly.

The MOR 90 measures 90 mm in diameter and fits drives with bore diameters of 11 and 14 mm. The MOR 105 is 105 mm in diameter and fits drives with bore diameters of 9 mm, 11 mm, and 14 mm. Bores on both encoders can be affixed to B-side motor shafts using tolerance rings for simple and easy assembly. As the motor’s magnetic field will not affect the encoder’s magnetic sensing circuitry, MOR 90 and MOR 105 encoders deliver clean, consistent square wave signals at all times. Both encoders can offer 64, 128, 256, 512, or 1,024 pulses per revolution and maximum speeds of 10,000 rpm. (

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