Adjustable Speed Direct Drive Cooling Tower Motor

Arkansas-based Baldor Electric Co. launched a new direct drive technology for the cooling tower industry that improves reliability, reduces maintenance, runs quieter, and saves energy. The Adjustable Speed Direct Drive Cooling Tower Motor combines technologies of the field-proven laminated finned frame RPM AC motor with a high-performance permanent magnet salient pole rotor design, and it can directly replace the right-angle gearbox and jack shaft installation in many conventional cooling towers. The fan couples directly to the motor shaft and is controlled by Baldor’s unique VS1 Cooling Tower Drive to provide optimal variable-speed performance that runs quieter and uses less energy.

The Baldor VS1 Cooling Tower Drive is specifically designed to work with the cooling tower motor to provide easy cooling tower start-ups. It uses unique sensorless algorithms to accomplish smooth, low-speed operation. In addition, the drive supports multiple protocols so it can communicate seamlessly with most building automation systems. The system is ideal for either retrofit or new tower designs. (

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