Group Produces Green Hydrogen Using Wind Turbines on Ships

An Oregon-based sustainable energy innovation group said it has successfully produced green hydrogen through the use of vertical wind turbines on an oceangoing vessel.

ONESTONE HOLDINGS on June 3 said the project “represents a major leap forward in harnessing renewable energy sources at sea to create clean fuel.”

The company in a news release said it wants to prove its concept of using ships equipped with vertical-axis wind turbines. These ships leverage satellite data to navigate to areas with optimal wind resources, maximizing electricity generation. The captured wind energy is then directly converted into liquid green hydrogen onboard, eliminating the need for complex and energy-intensive onshore infrastructure. This onboard production not only streamlines the supply chain but also minimizes energy losses, ensuring a highly efficient green hydrogen production process.

“This achievement marks a significant milestone in our mission to make clean hydrogen more accessible and affordable,” said Mehdi Noormohammadi, president and founder of ONESTONE HOLDINGS, in an email to POWER. “Our vision for a fleet of ships equipped with vertical wind turbines has the potential to revolutionize green hydrogen production, paving the way for a more sustainable future.”

The company said that beyond production efficiency, it is pioneering a viable solution for transporting liquid green hydrogen. Green hydrogen offers a clean fuel alternative with zero emissions during production and transportation. As a cryogenic liquid, green hydrogen requires continuous cooling to maintain its state. ONESTONE HOLDINGS’ ships with vertical wind turbines have the potential to generate sufficient green energy onboard to power the cooling system throughout transport, ensuring a sustainable solution from production to end use.

ONESTONE HOLDINGS is a leading innovator in sustainable energy solutions, dedicated to developing and deploying groundbreaking technologies for green hydrogen production and transportation. The company’s mission is to accelerate the global transition to clean energy by making clean green hydrogen more accessible and affordable.

POWER edited this content, which was contributed by ONESTONE HOLDINGS.

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