Encased High-Speed Imaging Cameras

High-speed imaging systems manufacturer Photron introduced hardware to extend the normal operating temperature range of the Fastcam SA5 and Fastcam SA2 high-speed cameras. The Range Version (RV) is a new sealed case design that makes the camera models impervious to dirt, dust, and sand. Photron’s RV option includes two serviceable external fans that direct cooling air over the sealed camera body. This keeps the operating temperature stable and makes it ideal for high-speed imaging in harsh environments. Photron’s Fastcam SA5 camera provides up to 7,500 frames per second (fps) at megapixel resolution (1,024 x 1,000), while its SA2 camera delivers up to 1,000 fps at full-pixel resolution (2,000 x 2,000). The cameras are available with an optional DC battery pack and a remote keypad with a built-in LCD viewfinder. (

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