Interview with JT Thompson of Generac Grid Services @ Experience POWER

J.T. Thompson, Vice President Enterprise Accounts for Generac Grid Services, talks with POWER senior associate editor Darrell Proctor about the work his company is doing in the distributed power generation space. Generac is evolving from a company associated with generators and backup power systems into an energy technology and services company. The evolution enables Generac Grid Services to provide an array of solutions and entirely new value streams for its customers. Thompson notes how the power grid is seeing an influx of distributed energy resources and talks about what his company is doing to support that integration, all with an eye toward providing new services for customers. “It’s really simple. It’s providing a bridge to those market opportunities,” says Thompson.”Generac’s always been about selling products; that’s what it does best.” He explains that with the acquisition of Enbala and its Concerto™ distributed energy control software, Generac Grid Services is enabling customers who were going to buy solar+storage and standby generators anyway … to monetize and pay down on that investment that they already made by enrolling them in virtual power plants. The interview is part of the Editor’s Studio at POWER’s Distributed Energy Conference, Experience POWER, and HydrogeNext events in San Antonio, Texas.

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