The iconic Cane Run coal-fired power plant closed in June 2015 after 61 years of operation. The plant, owned by Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E), was imploded on June 8 after months of preparation for its demolition.

“Our company and our employees, who expertly manned the plant during its lifespan, celebrated many accomplishments as a result of its operations,” said Paul W. Thompson, CEO and president of LG&E, in a statement.

The utility said the area will be cleaned up and remediated as a grassy open space.

At its height of operation, the Cane Run plant—which came online in 1954—had power generation capacity of 943 MW from six coal-fired units. It was among the first U.S. coal plants to install sulfur dioxide scrubber technology.

Units 1, 2, and 3 were retired in 1987. The remaining three units were decommissioned in 2015, when Unit 7—a combined cycle natural gas-fired unit—came online, with 640 MW of generating capacity. Unit 7 was named a POWER Top Plant in 2016.

—POWER staff