Photocaption: SIPOS’ undervoltage initiative for actuation protects against voltage fluctuations

SIPOS Aktorik has spearheaded an actuator design feature that tolerates voltage fluctuations from -30% to +20% without needing to oversize the actuators. Via an integrated frequency converter, combined with intelligent electronics, SIPOS has addressed undervoltage conditions ensuring that fluctuations are tolerated without leading to system failure.

The pioneering actuation initiative responds to the needs of plant operators that require full torque and speed functionality through instances of undervoltage, without experiencing excessive torque on the valve during nominal or overvoltage levels.

Expanding on the rationale behind the challenge faced by a conventional actuator, SIPOS advise that when a traditional product is sized to work with full torque at -20% undervoltage it causes an over torque with a factor of 1.56 at nominal voltage and 2.25 at 20% over voltage. In the event of switch off failure, this equates to a quadratic effect of voltage on the output power. SIPOS’ undervoltage solution ensures continued actuation performance and protects the valve which, in turn, maintains plant productivity.

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