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BrandSafway introduces BrandTech™ Power Distribution

Innovative, new PDU revolutionizes circuit breaker design and reduces equipment costs by up to 40 percent

Kennesaw, Georgia, USA, June 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –BrandSafway is introducing the new BrandTech™ Power Distribution Unit, an Underwriters Laboratories (UL)/Canadian Standards Association (CSA) International-listed power distribution unit (PDU) with circuit breaker (CB) and ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). It is designed to improve safety and reduce costs through simplified PDU installation and maintenance.“We were able to transform the overall design of the PDU by reducing complexity,” said Eduardo Almeida, director of Innovation, Research and Development (R&D) for Industrial Specialists by BrandSafway. “This led to increased equipment cost savings — by as much as 40 percent — in addition to easier installation and maintenance, improved safety and the elimination of obsolete components.”

The BrandTech Power Distribution Unit uses a single installation to manage up to 200 amps of input and distribute it to three outputs of 480 volts/60 amps each making it compatible with an extensive array of equipment requiring 60 amps. Its flexible design means that a single PDU can be used with multiple machines in applications ranging from industrial painting to welding. The most common uses are with Blastrac and BrandTech™ Precision Welding.

“Because other PDUs on the market use a single CB for all the equipment it powers, it can be difficult to know which machine to shut down in an emergency,” Almeida said. “With the BrandTech PDU, you don’t have to guess, because each machine is plugged into a separate port with its own CB.”

Using the most advanced components available, the new BrandTech PDU is more efficient, easier to install, maintain and transport, and works with 70 to 80 percent of maximum power output. It is fully insulated and resistant to shock, impact and corrosion, and features embedded lockout/tagout levers. The PDU also has a 30-milliamp ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) for improved safety, and the breakers are mounted under a hinged window for easy access.

“We also focused on creating optimal transmission capacity under normal operating conditions — as well as in fault conditions,” Almeida added.

All BrandTech PDU components went through rigorous UL and CSA International testing and are listed under UL 1640 and CAS C22.2, No. 14-13 certifications. The enclosure is rated NEMA 3R for use in outdoor applications. For more information on the BrandTech Power Distribution Unit, visit 

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