Press Release

Actavo receives industry recognition for work with Magnox

4th March 2021: Actavo Industrial Solutions, a provider of engineering services to the world’s leading industrial companies in the petrochemical, power, oil and gas, marine, nuclear and pharmaceutical sectors has been awarded a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ by the trade association ACAD. Actavo received a 100% score in an asbestos audit for its outstanding standards at the Oldbury nuclear decommissioning site, part of the Magnox Limited fleet of first-generation magnesium-oxide fuelled generating stations.

In October 2020, Actavo secured a framework contract with Magnox Ltd for access, insulation, asbestos removal and other industrial services at six nuclear sites undergoing decommissioning. The four-year project will conclude in September 2024.

Jim Salkeld, Managing Director for Actavo Industrial Solutions UK said: “Actavo has a long-term working partnership with Magnox ranging across a number of decommissioning projects and programmes. This is a great achievement for the on-site asbestos team based at Oldbury. It highlights their ability to deliver a high-quality service and demonstrates Actavo’s core value, ‘Live Safety’. Actavo’s is committed to providing the highest safety standards within a healthy work environment for all projects across every division.

ACAD is a not-for-profit trade association, working since 1993 to raise standards in managing the safe eradication of the UK’s asbestos legacy.

This prestigious industry recognition highlights Actavo’s strong relationship with Magnox that has resulted in the delivery of high safety and quality standards for more than 20 years. Magnox is a nuclear decommissioning Site Licence Company and a subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), licensed under the Nuclear Installations Act 1965. Magnox holds the licence for 12 nuclear sites and one hydro-electric plant around the UK, which are owned by the NDA.