Henkel Corp. has introduced two new Loctite threadlockers formulated to withstand consistent operating temperatures up to 360F. Curing consistently and thoroughly without cleaning, these new products tolerate the oils and lubricants typically found on "as received" threaded fasteners. These products will also cure on plated, aluminum, stainless, and chromated fasteners without primers.

Loctite 243 and Loctite 263 prevent fastener loosening caused by shock, vibration, and temperature-induced expansion and contraction. Loctite 243 is a blue, medium-strength, thixotropic liquid threadlocker that can be disassembled using standard hand tools. Loctite 263 is a red, high-strength, thixotropic threadlocker for applications where permanent assembly is required. Both products provide a leak-proof, corrosion-free seal of the threads. (www.henkelna.com/nextgenthreadlockers)