GAS POWER Direct [December 3, 2012]

Economics Favor Natural Gas Even as Coal Burn Rebounds

The wave of coal-to-gas switching in 2012 is giving way to a coal rebound in 2013, according to a number of coal and generating companies. Nevertheless, the long-term trend toward gas is likely to continue.

Feds and States Join Forces to Push CHP

Though subsidies and incentives for wind and other renewables have grabbed the headlines, federal and state initiatives are quietly building some momentum behind combined heat and power.

FERC Doubles Down on Gas-Electric Coordination

Following up on its series of conferences on gas-electric coordination this past summer, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission appears ready to find some real solutions in 2013.

Improving Grid Resiliency After Superstorm Sandy

For the power generation and delivery industry, the lesson of Hurricane Sandy was how fragile much of the grid is. Distributed generation, smart grid technology, and combined heat and power offer cost-effective ways to improve grid resiliency.

Is CHP Ready for Prime Time?

Long the redheaded stepchild of North American power generation, combined heat and power (CHP) may finally be poised for a big leap forward.

Shale Gas: A Jobs Engine Trumps Competition in Electricity Supply?

Despite controversies over macro energy policies, it looks to be a sure bet that the need for job creation will foster continued state and federal support for shale gas development.

The Great Wall: The Barriers to Shale Gas in China and Why Shales Worked in the U.S.

China has enormous shale reserves and a power-hungry populace that needs the gas. But there are good reasons to think that China may not experience a U.S.-style shale gas boom any time soon.

TransAlta and MidAmerican Form Partnership for Canadian Gas Power

Signaling a solid future for gas power, two of the biggest names in North American power generation are joining forces to build a new fleet of gas-fired plants in Western Canada.

UBC Generates Heat, Power, and Buzz with Renewable CHP

Already in the midst of a drive to cut its greenhouse gas emissions, the University of British Columbia didn’t just look to clean energy for its new combined heat and power system. Instead, it decided to combine research with cutting-edge green power.