GAS POWER Direct [August 21, 2012]

Next Generation of Gas-Fired Power Starts to Take Shape

Incremental advances in gas turbine technology have made these industry workhorses bigger, more efficient, and more powerful. But some developments on the horizon suggest the industry is now poised to make some major leaps forward. 

The Economics of Coal-to-Gas Switching

Gas is up and coal is down. The why of it is not so clear, nor is the degree to which it's likely to continue. Here's a review of the nuts and bolts, which suggests coal may be poised for a comeback.

Natural Gas Is a Much-Needed Tool in the Battle to Slow Global Warming

That natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel isn't news. But recent scientific studies are showing that it's also a key tool in the efforts to reduce climate change.

Floating LNG: The New Revolution in Offshore Gas

Gas production by hydraulic fracturing has upended the global energy markets, and talk of liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports has major producers astir. But on the horizon is another game-changer: enormous floating LNG platforms that could again reset the equation. 

IEA Chief: Policy Uncertainties Could Halt Natural Gas Revolution

In an exclusive interview with GAS POWER, International Energy Agency Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven explained how natural gas is poised to revolutionize the world's energy business—but only if producer and policy officials make the right choices.

NRG Braves Headwinds in Replacing Aging California Plant

Building almost any kind of power plant takes a lot of careful public relations. But NRG Energy has traveled a long and winding road in its attempts to replace a coastal plant in Southern California.

Pipeline Problems Cloud Future of Gas Power

These are heady days for gas-fired power, as record low prices have turned natural gas from an also-ran into possibly the leading source of electricity generation. But lurking in the background is a potential roadblock—the pipelines that bring gas to the plants, which have lagged behind in capacity. 

Playing Ball

Science costs money, and someone has to pay the bill. When that someone is a corporation or industry group, certain hackles get raised. But does "industry-funded" research really deserve the condemnation it gets? The answer isn't a simple yes or no.

Quarterly Status Report on Global Gas Power Projects

A review of the global gas power industry shows a slight dip in activity over Q1 2012, but some big projects are still in the works.

Self-Regulating Condensate Pumps Power Austrian CHP

When Verbund Thermal Power needed reliable and flexible condensate pumps for its new combined heat and power plant in Mellach, Austria, it used a new type of self-regulating centrifugal unit.