GAS POWER Direct [April 1, 2013]

A Rock and a Hard Place: California and the Monterey Shale

The next big shale boom may be taking shape out West. But the challenges of developing the Monterey shale may not be what you think.

Carbon Capture for Gas Power Appears on the Horizon

You may think of carbon capture and sequestration as a coal industry issue, but two forward-thinking companies are joining forces to make it work for gas.

Gas-Power Linkages: Many Moving Pieces

With the increasing interdependency of the natural gas and electricity, the number of economic and regulatory factors than can shift the future direction of both industries is growing substantially.

New Gas Projects for North American Shale Gas: Come One, Come All

Low natural gas prices have created opportunities across the market, but also challenges for producers. Several sectors are poised to grow natural gas demand in the coming decade and restore more balance to the supply-demand equation.

Power, Gas CEOs Share Mixed Views on the Future

The power and gas industries may be joined at the hip, but judging from the talk at a recent conference, not everyone is excited about future directions.

Promised Land: How Well Were You Prepared?

Much of the natural gas industry was holding its breath when the Matt Damon film Promised Land came out in January, but a few groups weren't waiting for the fallout.

When Dinosaurs Roamed California: The Coming Extinction of Fossil Fuel Use

California's push to boost its renewable capacity may be doing more than spurring the development of wind and solar. A review of recent data suggests the state's regulatory schemes have the potential to spell the end of fossil-fuel generation altogether.