Energy Efficient Refrigerant Dryers

Industrial productivity solutions provider Atlas Copco Compressors introduced a new generation of integrated refrigerant dryers for use with the company’s GA, GA+, and GA variable-speed drive 50 to 125 hp oil-injected screw compressors. Compared to conventional dryers with similar cooling capacity, the new R410A refrigerant dryers (ID 95-285) reduce direct power consumption by up to 40%, even at full load. This was achieved through the introduction of R410A refrigerant and by optimizing the design of key components, including the refrigerant compressor and heat exchanger with low pressure drop, the company said.

The air-to-air heat exchanger reduces energy consumption by reheating the outflowing refrigerated air. This helps eliminate the risk of corrosion damage by preventing condensation from forming on the outside of the compressed air piping. Every unit is also equipped with a zero – air loss electronic drain, which eliminates the potential of wasting compressed air, making the system more reliable and energy efficient. Other unique features are available to save installation and engineering time, including an optional DD/PD integrated two-stage air filtration system combined with the condensate separator inside the unit canopy. When all of these components are integrated, they minimize the chance of air leaks and costly pressure drops. A R410A integrated dryer retrofit kit is available. (

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