Combustible Gas Detector

With its advanced point infrared combustible gas – sensing element, the new Model IR400 Infrared (IR) Point Combustible Gas Detector from General Monitors delivers reliable protection against explosive hydrocarbon gases with a low-power (4.8 W) design that requires no routine calibration.

The detector measures the absorption of infrared radiation passing through a volume of gas using a dual-beam, single-detector method. It measures the intensity of two specific wavelengths — one at an absorption wavelength and another outside of the absorption wavelength — and compares these to determine the gas concentration. It continuously monitors combustible gases in the lower explosive limit (LEL) range and provides a 4- to 20-mA analog signal proportional to the 0% to 100% LEL concentration. It also monitors other conditions such as supply voltage and optical path integrity.

Through the two-way digital communication protocols, users have access to device configuration, warning and alarm, and fault and maintenance records. They can also monitor gas concentration, check status, and perform real-time diagnostics. Configurations with analog output, Modbus, and HART are available. (

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