The Sierra Wireless Perspective on Distributed Energy Grids and the Benefits of Implementing a Vehicle Area Network

Ongoing retirement of copper lease lines is forcing operators of distributed electricity grids to find new ways to deploy Direct Transfer Trip (DTT), an essential technique for clearing faults. LTE cellular delivers the performance and security DTT needs, at a cost dramatically lower than that of fiber-optic cabling. What’s more, LTE cellular is supported by management systems that create a solid foundation for complete grid modernization.To improve customer experience and reduce operating costs, utility companies are looking to streamline their field operations using a vehicle-based mobile workforce. Consolidating connectivity over a vehicle area network (VAN) reduces costs while increasing field productivity by providing workers access to corporate applications and enabling two-way communication. As fleet management systems and mobile workforce management software tools are becoming more powerful and sophisticated, implementing the right strategy for connecting your mobile workforce to the enterprise creates an opportunity for significant return on investment. This white paper outlines key strategies for streamlining operations, finding efficiencies and lowering costs with the right technology solutions.

Download the white paper to learn about:
• The Need for Alternative DTT Formats
• How LTE Cellular Does DTT Right
• Taking LTE Beyond DTT
• Mobility for the modern utility
• A comprehensive approach to cost reduction
• Real-life success stories using a vehicle area network (VAN) approach