Solar Power Is Cheap and Getting Cheaper [PODCAST]

In many locations, solar power is already the lowest-cost renewable energy alternative available. Some of the advantage stems from advancements made in manufacturing processes and economies of scale that solar…

Water-Lubricated Bearings Offer Benefits for Hydropower Plants

Significant operating and economic benefits can be realized by replacing a poorly functioning or damaged oil-lubricated turbine guide bearing with a water-lubricated design (Figure 1), as part of a well-planned…

Hydropower: Meeting Growing Needs with Improved Reliability and Efficiency

Hydropower delivers a range of benefits to society and the environment. However, there are two major challenges that face hydroelectric power plant operators—efficient use of water and high availability. To…

The Year Wind Surpassed Hydro as the Top Renewable in the U.S.

Annual wind power generation exceeded hydroelectric generation for the first time in 2019, according to data published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) on Feb. 26, making wind the…

Researchers Make Progress on Several Power Projects

Researchers at a few prominent universities have published findings on recent power-related projects. At Cranfield University in the UK, hydrogen production technology is advancing with an eye on cost and…