STOUGHTON, Wis. (Monday, July 1, 2013) ‒ Universal Acoustic & Emission Technologies’ Board of Directors has voted to purchase Ojibway Enclosure Systems, a manufacturer of enclosures and packager of generator sets for power generation systems.

Ojibway also does laser cutting, welding and forming of a variety of metal products, and it assists in the installation of generator sets in the field. Ojibway’s offices and its production facility are in Janesville, Wis.

“Our key customers in the power generation market are looking for a complete air-handling solution for their turbine system. These customers want a one-stop shop ‒ a single company providing the air inlet and exhaust system, ducting, diffusers and enclosure,” said Universal AET Executive Vice President Dick Strojinc. “We have been supplying silencers to Ojibway for many years. During that time, we have seen how Ojibway offers innovative designs and is willing to adapt projects on a case-by-case basis to satisfy our customers. We share Ojibway’s commitment to providing outstanding service and customized solutions.”

Ojibway and Universal AET are now in a better position to serve their common customers: engine distributors who source silencers, emissions treatment products or complete power generation packages for data centers, hospitals and other large-scale facilities that require standby power generators. “Now that Ojibway will be part of Universal AET, our staffs can work together seamlessly, and our customers’ projects will be managed by just one contact,” Strojinc said.

Ojibway’s products will be branded Ojibway Enclosures by Universal beginning immediately. All of the employees will be retained, and they will continue to work at their current locations.

Ojibway Enclosure Systems evolved from Midwest Laser Fabricating, a sheet metal fabricating company started by Rich Pember. He then launched Ojibway Enclosure Systems to manage the growing business of packaging generator sets within enclosures that help protect some of the largest computer server backup systems in the world. Ojibway ultimately absorbed Midwest Laser Fabricating. The company and its history was featured in a Janesville Gazette business article just last month.

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