The Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation (MICINN), through its 2008-2011 R&D&I Plan and the Subprogramme for Strategic Projects in Energy, (following protocols included in the EPlan), has granted 2.1M€ for the development of an innovative wave-power generator, based on the multiple uptake of potential and kinetic energies from sea waves, under the name of WELCOME Project (Wave Energy Lift Converter Multiple España). Led by PIPO SYSTEMS, the project is also developed by a Spanish consortium composed of the company ANORTEC and two public research institutions: Plataforma Oceanica de Canarias (PLOCAN) and Consorcio Escuela Industrial Barcelona (CEIB).

The proposed system is based on the APC-PISYS technology (first state-of-the-art device designed with multiple collectors and complementary converters, able to transform off-shore wave-power into useful energy), providing clear technical and economic advantages over its single-use competitors.   Singularities of this device hinder a direct comparison. However, based on previous studies and validations performed, it is expected that under similar swell conditions, a multiple system as the one proposed, will double-up both the power and energy generation of the best single-use technologies. The 1:5 scale prototype, operated in typical Canary Island’s mean-swell conditions, is expected to generate powers between 100 and 120 Kw.

WELCOME’s main aim is to develop and demonstrate usefulness, as well to apply the APC-PISYS technology capacities to the well-know and widespread existing energy shortage in  marine monitoring autonomous devices for both coastal and off-shore applications .

Prototype’s design and construction is underway in Barcelona and Gran Canaria (Canary Islands), expected to be ready for mooring and put into operation next spring 2010 on the NE coast of Gran Canaria.

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