Washington – The GridWise Alliance today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Smart Grid Oregon to work together on smart grid issues. Smart Grid Oregon just held their first public policy conference earlier this month in Portland. Over 160 attendees from both public and private sector joined a discussion on how to move smart grid policy in the state.

“We are thrilled to join forces with GridWise Alliance,” said Phil Keisling, Chairman of Smart Grid Oregon, “The Alliance can take what we learn on the state level to the national stage to move our entire country toward a 21st century grid. And we are certainly looking forward to sharing our experience as the first state-level smart grid trade association with other states through our affiliation with the GridWise Alliance.”

“So much success in the smart grid space is occurring at the grass roots level,” asserts Kristine Schmidt, Co-chair of the GridWise Alliance State Legislative and Policy Work Group and Director on the Board of the Alliance. “We need to focus our efforts on community and state work to build consensus among consumers for a smarter grid.”

With Congress not looking likely to pass comprehensive energy legislation in the near future, state commissions are becoming increasingly important in the smart grid process. NARUC’s meeting this week in Atlanta highlighted the importance of consumer engagement.

“One size fits all is not remotely a viable or sustainable strategy,” says Katherine Hamilton, President of the GridWise Alliance. “We have a great deal to learn from states like Oregon that are implementing real projects. With Smart Grid Oregon, we can leverage each other’s expertise, resources, and lessons learned into a broader national context.”

About The GridWise Alliance
The GridWise Alliance, founded in 2003, is a coalition of public and private stakeholders that advocates for the transformation of the electric grid to achieve a sustainable energy future. The Alliance facilitates the effective collaboration among stakeholders, to promote, educate, and advocate for the adoption of innovative smart grid solutions. These solutions will achieve economic and environmental benefits for customers, communities, shareholders and society. GridWise Alliance members include utilities, ICT and telecom companies, equipment vendors, new technology providers and academic institutions.
For more information about the GridWise Alliance, visit: www.gridwise.org.

About Smart Grid Oregon
Smart Grid Oregon is a trade association that will enable, promote and grow the smart grid industry and infrastructure in the State of Oregon. Smart Grid Oregon works with smart grid stakeholders to craft and advocate for effective public policies that promote and grow Oregon’s smart grid industry and infrastructure. Through informational events, conferences, and other forums, Smart Grid Oregon is a catalyst for smart grid entrepreneurs and leaders to meet, interact, compare notes, and work together to grow.
For more information about Smart Grid Oregon, visit: www.smartgridoregon.org.