HOUSTON, August 1– POWER magazine today officially announced winners of its 2012 Plant of the Year Award, Marmaduke Award, and Smart Grid Award.

AES Gener’s Angamos Power Plant Wins POWER’s Plant of the Year Award.
Independent power producer AES Gener recently completed construction of twin, 260-MW coal-fired units next to the ocean in the electricity-starved desert of northern Chile. The plant, which provides power to Chile’s important copper-mining industry, includes a desalination system and South America’s first seawater cooling tower and is associated with a battery energy storage system.

Combined Solar Technologies Hybrid Plant Wins POWER’s Marmaduke Award.
CST designed, built, owns, and operates a water purification system at the Musco Family Olive Co. facility in Tracy, Calif., that uses olive pits as free fuel for the system that both purifies highly saline process wastewater and provides power for the facility. This award recognizing innovative power plant problem-solving goes to CST for proving a technique that could also be used by other processes needing to treat wastewater, including fossil fuel “fracking” operations.

San Diego Gas & Electric Wins POWER’s Smart Grid Award
SDG&E is one of the largest utilities in the U.S. and is located in one of the most challenging electricity markets. Those are just two reasons this utility has made its mark as one of the most comprehensive smart grid ecosystem developers. From accommodating record numbers of plug-in electric vehicles and rooftop solar installations to deploying grid automation technologies and microgrids, SDG&E provides a model for how to modernize the grid while keeping costs under control.

For more details about these projects, see the August issue of POWER at www.powermag.com.

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Jennifer Brady