Press Release

New Doosan Škoda Power turbines have upgraded the first two units of the Mochovce nuclear power plant in Slovakia

(23th November 2022, Pilsen, Czech Republic) The Mochovce nuclear power plant is a key component of Slovakia’s energy infrastructure. In the first two units, which cover roughly one-quarter of total electricity consumption, Doosan Škoda Power recently completed an extensive modernization of the turbine set, helping to raise the gross power output of both units to 500 MW. All work was carried out during the scheduled shutdown and both units are now back in normal operation.

Each power unit is composed of two turbine sets, which are made up of one high-pressure part and two low-pressure parts. Doosan Škoda Power’s engineers from Pilsen replaced the entire high-pressure part with a new part, replaced the flow path of both low-pressure parts, upgraded the hydraulic regulation and turbine control system and repaired the turbine valves and flaps.

“Nuclear power plants are the best possible reference for Doosan Škoda Power because every single plant is a crucial operation, and the power supply stability of the given country often depends on it. Thus, we are pleased that Slovenské elektrárne, a.s. selected Doosan Škoda Power for the modernization project,” says Mr. Jan Jíra, Project manager of Doosan Škoda Power    

Martin Mráz, Director of the Mochovce power plant from Slovenské elektrárne, a.s., says: “The modernisation of the turbines represents a step forward increasing the reliability, extending the lifetime and the efficiency of the Mochovce power plant’s production. It brings up benefits, such as extra 450 GWh per year, without increasing fuel and personnel costs and, in the upcoming years, reducing maintenance costs.” 

Slovenské elektrárne, a.s. is the main electricity producer in Slovakia, supplying more than 17 million MWh per year to the grid and producing more than two thirds of the total electricity production in Slovakia. Besides the Mochovce NPP, it also operates the Bohunice NPP and over 30 hydro, photovoltaic or thermal power plants in Slovakia.


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Doosan Škoda Power is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of power plant machinery, especially steam turbine/generator sets with outputs between 3 and 1,200 MW. The company has extensive experience and references from applications for steam-driven and fossil-fuel fired power plants, CHPs, nuclear and solar power plants (CSPs), biomass incinerators, etc. As regards services, the company offers overhaul and replacement of worn components, long-term warranty service or retrofit or modernization of steam turbines manufactured by the company or third parties. Its annual R&D investments allow for development of high-quality products meeting specific customer requirements.