WELLESLEY HILLS, Mass., Oct. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Joseph F. Finn, Jr. C.P.A. ("Finn") of
the firm Finn, Warnke & Gayton, LLP ("FWG") announced today that Mechanology, Inc.’s steam
turbines, business offered for sale at a sealed bid sale on November 18, 2011, are suited for
applications in power recovery and power generation packages.

Wasted thermal energy, in certain cases, from a diverse set of sources can be recovered and
utilized to generate power and electricity. The Mechanology N-Series Steam Turbines in addition
to API mechanical driver applications are suited for application in power recovery and power
generation packages for markets like: Heat Recovery Power Generation (from industrial waste
heat), Process Steam Recovery, Renewable Energy Conversion (Bio mass, landfill gas,
geothermal, solar), Waste to Energy Processes, and PRV Paralleling. The customized N-Series
turbines are suited for power recovery with output capacities of 0.1 MW to 3.5 MW. Estimates of
more than 100 GW of opportunities in the 0.5 to 5 MW size range are common.

The intellectual property, including: sales/marketing literature/documentation; customer lists and
install base; turbine sizing & selection programs; manufacturing drawings; assembly
documentation; installation, operation, and maintenance (IOM) manuals; casting patterns &
tooling; and misc. inventory, will be sold at a sealed bid sale on Friday, November 18, 2011 at
noon. Persons interested in bidding must sign a Confidential Disclosure Agreement ("CDA")
obtained from FWG – IPSaleServices@finnwarnkegayton.com or (781) 237 – 8840. They will then
receive a bid package.

About Finn, Warnke & Gayton, LLP:
Joseph F. Finn, Jr. C.P.A., is the founding partner of Finn, Warnke & Gayton, LLP
(www.finnwarnkegayton.com) Certified Public Accountants of Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts.

About Mechanology:
Mechanology, Inc. has developed and patented highly innovative energy efficient technologies for
commercial and industrial applications. Mechanology’s Dragonfly compressor offers industry
leading performance in oil-free air compression with potential application in refrigeration/air
conditioning, gas compression, and superchargers. The TIVM Expander provides breakthrough
performance enabling the efficient utilization of low-grade heat/steam in power recovery, power
generation, and renewable energy applications. Contact Mechanology (www.mechanology.com)
for information regarding industrial partnerships and licensing opportunities.

For further information, please contact Joseph F. Finn, Jr. C.P.A. at (781) 237 – 8840 or

SOURCE Joseph F. Finn, Jr. C.P.A.