Press Release

Locweld celebrates 75 years of being a leader in North America

Montreal, QC, November 4th, 2021 — For 75 years, LOCWELD has specialized in the design, detailing, fabrication & galvanizing of steel lattice transmission towers and poles. The company is considered a leader in the North American market and is an industry reference worldwide.

Celebrating 75 years:

With over 100 000 towers fabricated to date, Locweld has supported the backbone of the North American Power grid for the last 75 years. They have supplied the equivalent of over 20 000 miles of transmission lines throughout the USA and Canada.

In addition to their core business of the manufacturing of steel lattice structures, Locweld has made a name for themselves with custom fabricated steel poles that help meet unique design challenges.

“Locweld has been innovating, creating, planning, and delivering for 75 years, and we are just getting started,” said Michael Cyr, CEO.

From serving their clients during a global pandemic, navigating a once-in-a-lifetime ice storm, and building the largest river crossing towers in the USA, Locweld has evolved with the times and met challenges face on.

Locweld’s vision for the future:

“Our vision needs to be green as we look to the future. The current climate crisis requires Locweld to compete not only on efficiency but environmentally as well,” said Pierre Lavoie, President & CFO.

To succeed in the future, Locweld aims to be at the forefront of environmentally friendly business practices within their industry. Locweld aims to work with major utilities in the fight against climate change and reinforce the importance of clean energy for future generations.

About Locweld:
Since 1947, Locweld has been an industry leader in the fabrication of steel lattice transmission towers delivering the power essential to energize strong and successful communities throughout North America. Recognized for technical expertise in engineering and design solutions for steel lattice transmission structures, Locweld is an active participant of the ASCE Design of Steel Transmission Towers Standards Committee, which develops the North American industry standards for the design, fabrication, and testing of members and connections for latticed steel electrical transmission structures. For more information, visit