FREMONT, CALIF – July 20, 2021 –  Intersect Power, one of North America’s largest developers of utility-scale renewable energy, today announced Signal Energy as the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firm and supply of the NX Horizon smart solar trackers and TrueCapture yield optimization software from Nextracker for two utility-scale solar projects totaling 728 MW (DC) in Texas and California.

The 415MW (DC) Radian project in Texas and the 313 MW (DC) Athos III project in California are expected to begin construction later this year and will be operational in 2022. Series 6 photovoltaic (PV) solar modules will be supplied by First Solar, Inc. for both projects, as well.

These projects comprise the second set of utility-scale solar projects that Nextracker and Intersect Power have worked on together in the two states. With a combined installed capacity of more than 1.7 GW (DC), the previous portfolio of five projects in California and Texas are under construction and will soon be powering the cumulative equivalent of 357,000 homes. Signal Energy was the EPC firm on three of the five in the previous portfolio.

“As Intersect Power moves towards asset ownership, our long-standing collaborations with Signal Energy and Nextracker give us confidence in these projects’ ability to reliably perform,” said Sheldon Kimber, CEO of Intersect Power. “Technology like TrueCapture optimizes plant performance, enhances the value of each project, and allows us to protect the value of our asset in extreme weather events.”

“Our Pre-Construction team collaborated with Intersect Power early in the process to develop the lowest cost of energy solution to complete the development of Radian and Athos III,” said Ryan Johnson, President of Signal Energy. “We also partnered with Nextracker to overcome global logistics challenges to maintain overall project schedules and look forward to working with them on these two outstanding projects.”

“Intersect Power, Signal Energy, and Nextracker have a solid track record of partnership on several major utility solar projects,” said Dan Shugar, Nextracker CEO and co-founder. “Our cooperation on this latest portfolio will help accelerate the buildout of clean infrastructure and underscores the important role that our smart solar tracker technology plays in the clean energy transformation.”

Both projects will deploy Nextracker’s TrueCapture advanced tracker optimization and control software to capture additional energy gain during diffuse light conditions. (For more on TrueCapture and how it works to tackle both row-to-row shade challenges and cloudy conditions, watch the video here.)