June 28, 2021 – Framatome today announced a contract award with state-owned Public Limited Company for Radioactive Waste Management (PURAM) to upgrade the seismic monitoring and detaching system at its spent fuel interim storage facility in Paks, Hungary. This announcement marks the first contract signed byFramatome Kft., a subsidiary created following the acquisition of Evopro nuclear and process automation Kft.

“Our Framatome team is excited to expand our presence in Hungary and work more closely with our customers in the Central Europe,” said Frédéric Lelièvre, senior executive vice president in charge of Sales, Regional Platforms and the Instrumentation and Control Business Unit at Framatome. “This work with PURAM marks another highlight of Framatome’s continuing collaboration with the Hungarian nuclear industry.”

The seismic monitoring and detaching system is designed to stop crane operations or spent fuel loading in the event of an earthquake. Under the contract, Framatome will upgrade the existing system with a new state-of-the-art solution and install the system in the spent fuel interim storage facility in Paks.