Pilsen (07/09/2020) – A pair of two cylinder DST-S10 condensation turbines with no reheating and with axial output have been operating since March 2020 at the Fadhili steam-gas power plant near the Jubail industrial city in Saudi Arabia on the Persian Gulf.

The Fadhili steam-gas combined cycle plant, with a total capacity of 1,509 MW, has three owners – the oil concern Saudi Aramco, the state Saudi Electricity Company and the French company Engie. 1,100 MW of the output will be used to provide electricity for local industry and residents, and the remaining 400 MW will be used for the power plant’s own needs and for gas extraction. The two turbines manufactured by Doosan Škoda Power will produce 418 MW of the total output. Company also supplied equipment including pipelines, the control system with field equipment a steam compression and drainage system, oil system and high-pressure hydraulic system.

The Fadhili steam-gas combined cycle plant, with a total capacity of 1,509 MW, has three owners – the oil concern Saudi Aramco, the state Saudi Electricity Company, and the French company Engie. Courtesy: Doosan Škoda Power

“The execution of the project went smoothly, mainly due to synergies and close cooperation within the group with the EPC supplier, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co. The project was executed for an electrical network operating under a different standard at a frequency of 60 Hz that required compliance with local standards and seismic codes. The installation and commissioning were supervised by our experienced technical advisers, who, together with their Korean colleagues, handed over the units for commercial operation. The project is now under a warranty period, during which we will provide the customer with complete support to ensure smooth operation of the equipment,” says project manager Jindřich Závodný.

This is Doosan Škoda Power’s first installation in Saudi Arabia. In the Middle East, Doosan Škoda Power turbines can be found, for example, in the Zarqa projects in Jordan (185 MW) and the Salalah II project in Oman (2×89 MW).

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