PPL Electric Utilities on Tuesday said it would build 57 miles of a new 230-kV power line from the Wilkes-Barre area in Pennsylvania to an area west of Hawley, Wayne County, as well as three new substations to improve service for homes and businesses in northeast Pennsylvania and the Poconos.

The new substations will be built in West Pocono, in Buck Township, Luzerne County; North Pocono in Covington Township, Lackawanna County; and Paupack, in Paupack Township, Wayne County. The company said it conducted “an extensive public input process and a months-long study of the region” before choosing the location for the new transmission line and substations.

"Our goal is to minimize impacts on people and the environment to the extent possible," said David Bonenberger, general manager of transmission and operations. "With the growth in this region, new lines and substations are required so that people have reliable electricity delivery when they need it the most."

This project also will help meet the growing demand for electricity in the area. “Electricity use in the region has been increasing for decades, as new homes were built and existing homes used more electronic devices and appliances,” the company said. “This growth slowed slightly during the recent economic recession, and is likely to be partially offset by energy-saving measures being promoted by PPL Electric Utilities. But overall, demand in the region—particularly at peak times such as the hottest summer days and the coldest winter nights—is expected to continue to increase.”

In addition to the new substations and new power line, the company will rebuild about 20 miles of an existing 69-kV power line that runs from the Peckville area in Lackawanna County to Honesdale in Wayne County.

Sources: POWERnews, PPL Electric