Marmaduke Award Trophy Presented

The 2011 Marmaduke Award winner was CTG Universidad, a two-unit combustion turbine plant built in the early 1970s in Monterrey, Mexico. The award was made to the plant in recognition of its upgrade of one 14-MW unit to operate as a synchronous condenser, thus relaxing power restrictions caused by a lack of sufficient reactive power production in the north of the city. More reactive power production by this urban plant also allows delivery of more power produced by efficient combined cycle plants located outside the city, because it reduces the amount of reactive power that must be moved over transmission lines.

Details of how the combustion turbine was repurposed and saved from shutdown and can be found in “CFE Extends CTG Universidad Unit 2’s Life with Conversion to Synchronous Condenser,” in our August 2011 issue or the archives at https://www.powermag.com.

6. Talented and dedicated staff. The staff of CTG Universidad and other CFE employees who were responsible for the success of the project pose on the plant’s Unit 1 combustion turbine floor with POWER’s editor-in-chief and publisher. Courtesy: CFE
7. Trophy presentation. At the trophy presentation (left to right): CFE executives Eugenio García Macías, Lino Cárdenas Villarreal, Alejandro Salazar Abraham, and Luis Alberto Rojo García; Vice President and POWER Publisher Brian Nessen and Editor-in-Chief Robert Peltier; and CFE’s Luis Gonzalo Murrietta Rivera. Courtesy: SSS Clutch Co., Inc.

Editor-in-Chief Dr. Robert Peltier and Vice President and POWER Publisher Brian Nessen visited CTG Universidad on November 5 to present the Marmaduke Award trophy to the plant staff (Figure 6) and to Comisión Federal de Electricidad executives who supported the project (Figure 7). Our thanks to CFE for their hospitality and for making our visit to their plant a memorable experience.

–Dr. Robert Peltier, PE is POWER’s editor-in-chief.

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