Electro-Chemical Devices’ new plug-and-play Model 2122 Cooling Tower Control System (CTCS) is designed to apply the various chemicals used to prevent corrosion, scaling, and fouling in water-based wet cooling towers. The system also controls acid feed via pH monitoring, blowdown via conductivity, and the inhibitor via a user-selected time basis. Model 2122 CTCS features a unique timer-based overfeed function that locks out the blowdown cycle or the acid/base feed function, and that triggers a process alarm if the acid feed or blowdown cycle proceeds longer than the operator’s predetermined cycle time.

The system consists of ECD’s Model 22 Controller, a Model PHS10 pH sensor, and a Model CS10 conductivity sensor. The C22 features four SPDT relays and is rated NEMA 4X for rugged environments. An optional digital input card can be added to monitor no-flow conditions for extra safety. (www.ecdi.com)