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Equipment Showcase: Instrumentation and Control

The power generation industry is constantly evolving, with advanced technologies becoming more ubiquitous in power plants. Along with this evolution, instrumentation and control equipment continues to be key to a plant’s processes and design, important for emissions reduction, energy efficiency, and cost savings. Modern power plants need to incorporate the most appropriate operating systems, subject to constraints engineers have for their projects, to maintain satisfactory operating values and the proper parameters for temperature, pressure, flow, and more. The correct instrumentation and control equipment is as important as ever, and some of the leading manufacturers and service companies for these products are featured here.

Caterpillar Launches Tech-Link Service for Switchgear

1. Tech-Link enables secure, remote updates of Caterpillar switchgear, providing flexibility and reducing service costs. Courtesy: Caterpillar

Caterpillar Inc. has introduced Tech-Link, a technical service offering that enables secure, remote updates of Cat switchgear software to minimize set-up time and provide flexibility for operational changes while reducing service costs. Tech-Link (Figure 1) allows certified factory engineers and Cat dealer technicians to access Cat switchgear through a password-protected connection and remotely make software changes, ranging from simple sensor and dashboard edits to complex adjustments in the sequence of operation. Operating through a network or cellular interface, it is especially useful for switchgear applications in remote locations that would otherwise require a costly site visit from a technician. Caterpillar’s Tech-Link service is initially available for applications in North and South America as an optional hardware upgrade and service offering for all new Cat switchgear operating at 50 Hz and 60 Hz. Retrofit packages are available for select applications as determined on a case-by-case basis. Caterpillar, Deerfield, Illinois


Palmer Wahl Introduces R40 Series of Fixed Infrared Sensors

2. Palmer Wahl’s R40 series of fixed infrared temperature sensors feature a five-digit, backlit LCD display. Nine different models are available. Courtesy: Palmer Wahl

Palmer Wahl Instruments has released its new R40 series of fixed infrared temperature sensors, complementing its existing offering of industrial temperature measurement sensors. With notable accuracy, the R40 (Figure 2) is a single-piece compact pyrometer with the optics and electronics built into one housing. Made of ANSI 304 stainless steel, the R40 is designed to meet application requirements with its performance and advanced functionality. Each R40 unit has a five-digit, backlit LCD display and four-key menu on the back of the unit for local reading and setting. Nine different R40 models are available, with thermopile and photodiode sensors having various temperature ranges from 0C to 3,000C, paired with a variety of spectral ranges between 1.0 μm and 14 μm. Seven of the available models feature built-in lasers to assist with aiming. Signal processing capability is included in the R40, including peak hold, valley hold, and averaging functionality, adjustable via the unit keypad or via PC. Use the built-in RS485 port to program the unit, or to network up to 32 units together. Use the 12-pin cable and relay for user programmable PLC control. Palmer Wahl Instruments, Asheville, North Carolina


Endress+Hauser Launches Turbimax CUS50D Sensor

3. The Turbimax CUS50D sensor is made to withstand aggressive media. Courtesy: Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser has launched the Turbimax CUS50D sensor, which provides robust turbidity measurement in industrial applications. The sensor is made to withstand aggressive media and is easy to maintain and operate. The Turbimax CUS50D (Figure 3) is a reliable absorption sensor for turbidity and suspended solids measurement in unfavorable environments, and is an ideal solution for applications in industrial wastewater or other processes. Turbimax CUS50D measures turbidity and suspended solids (attenuation of light in accordance with ISO 7027) reliably and accurately—even in very dark liquids and sludges. The sensor can be used in a wide range of applications; for example, turbidity measurement in processes within the chemical industry, concentration measurement of hot process water in the food industry, and solids measurement in industrial wastewater, including power generation facilities. Reliable measurement results are always guaranteed thanks to digital signal processing in the sensor and Memosens protocol. Endress+Hauser, Reinach, Switzerland


Framatome 1E Tricon for Nuclear Instrumentation and Control

4. Framatome’s Tricon system simplifies migration from analog to digital control in nuclear power plants. Courtesy: Framatome

One of Framatome’s digital instrumentation and control (I&C) solutions is developed on a unique platform—the 1E SER-approved Tricon system. Tricon simplifies migration from analog to digital control while addressing obsolescence and minimizing risk. It’s the only Nuclear Regulatory Commission-qualified system based on Triconex True Triple Modular Redundant architecture, and has more than one billion hours of operation without failure in safety-critical applications. Framatome modernizes I&C systems to meet users’ specific requirements. Its solutions integrate seamlessly into existing systems. Framatome is an international leader in nuclear energy recognized for its innovative solutions and value-added technologies. With worldwide expertise and a proven track record for reliability and performance, the company designs, services, and installs a variety of components, fuel, and instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power plants. Framatome, Paris, France


Emerson Launches Modular Industrial Displays

5. Emerson’s RXi industrial displays work with a company’s programmable logic control and programmable automation control solutions, and third-party control systems. Courtesy: Emerson

Emerson has released the new portfolio of RXi industrial display and panel PC products for monitoring, visualizing, and enhancing everyday production processes in life sciences, metals and mining, power and water, and manufacturing and machinery. A modular design is foundational to the industrial display platform, enabling users to select the right configuration based on application needs and minimizing lifecycle cost through flexibility, easy serviceability, and field upgradeability. In addition, the vivid and responsive displays improve an operator’s capabilities to make better decisions. RXi industrial displays (Figure 5) are designed to work with both Emerson’s programmable logic control (PLC) and programmable automation control (PAC) solutions, and third-party control systems. The RXi industrial display portfolio features standardized physical designs to minimize the variety of enclosure cutouts required for original equipment manufacturer applications, making each display easily replaceable and upgradeable in the field with no need to modify existing or install new cabinets. Three display types provide options for a variety of applications. The RXi—Panel PC includes a high-performance and rugged industrial PC for powerful computing capabilities. The RXi—Industrial Monitor works with most industrial or commercial PCs for plant floor visualization. The RXi—Web Panel supports web-hosted applications. Emerson Electric, St. Louis, Missouri


Veolia Launches SIRION Advanced for High-Purity Water Production

6. The SIRION Advanced system is dedicated to high-quality industrial process water production. Courtesy: Veolia Water Technologies

Through Solys, its internal manufacturing and global logistics platform, Veolia Water Technologies has launched SIRION Advanced (Figure 6). A compact, plug-and-play system that integrates AQUAVISTA digital services, SIRION Advanced is dedicated to high-quality industrial process water production. Manufacturing sectors and the power industry require high-purity water and energy-efficient process water production systems. SIRION Advanced meets this expectation by removing up to 98% of dissolved inorganics and more than 99% of large dissolved organics, colloids, and particles. Suitable for most industrial sectors and reuse projects, SIRION Advanced consists of 11 fully standardized models for each required permeate flow, from 100 liters/hour (l/h) to 5,000 l/h, with very short delivery lead times. The new SIRION Advanced is a real plug-and-play product, the most user-friendly standard small reverse osmosis skid available on the market, designed for easy use by service technicians and end-users. Veolia Water Technologies, Paris, France


FCI ST80 Thermal Flow Meter Optimized for Biogas Applications

7. The ST80 Series Thermal Flow Meter is an easy to install, safe biogas flow meter. Courtesy: Fluid Components International

Owners, operators, and system designers of biogas production and recovery systems will want to explore the innovative ST80 Series Thermal Flow Meter from Fluid Components International (FCI). The new Model ST80 Flow Meter (Figure 7) provides optimal performance and the necessary features required for accuracy and repeatability in demanding biogas flow measurement applications. The ST80 is an easy to install, safe biogas flow meter. In anaerobic digester-produced biogas, for example, gas flow measurement can be challenged by the dirty, wet nature of the gas. Biogases are also potentially explosive. Mixed-composition gas—comprised primarily of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), with traces of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and other gases—require stringent safety precautions to protect people, equipment, and plants. Furthermore, the residuals and particulates in the biogas, along with the H2S component, are a corrosive condensate that deposit on pipe walls and instruments in the pipe, which can clog or foul many types of sensors. Thermal mass flow meters using constant power technique, such as the ST80 Series, with their robust, open and cleanable, no-moving parts sensor design provide an ideal biogas application solution in this demanding environment. Fluid Components International, San Marcos, California


UNIPOWER Introduces 400-Amp DC Power Retrofit System

8. UNIPOWER’s 400-amp DC power system provides an alternative to replacing entire power management control systems. Courtesy: UNIPOWER

UNIPOWER Inc., a supplier of industrial AC and DC power supplies, has introduced a 400-amp DC power system retrofit kit (Figure 8) to provide customers with a cost-effective alternative to replacing entire power management control systems. UNIPOWER’s Guardian AGM Retrofit Kit is designed to replace older, often obsolete power components. “Some installed AGM power systems are more than 20 years old and well past their projected life span,” said John Ely, UNIPOWER’s vice president of marketing. “Rather than have our customers spend tens of thousands of dollars for a whole new DC power system, we can now offer a quick and easy solution that fits into existing cabinet enclosures.” The retrofit kit contains rectifiers that are internally fan-cooled with speed control based on load and temperature, keeping acoustic noise to a minimum. UNIPOWER, Coral Springs, Florida


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