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DOE Announces $20M in Funding to Enhance Energy Cybersecurity

The Department of Energy (DOE) last week announced the availability of up to $20 million for the development of tools and technologies to enhance cybersecurity of delivery control systems for electricity, oil, and gas in the U.S.

The funding opportunity will require award recipients to collaborate with the energy sector to test the developed technologies. The cost-shared investment would back a number of energy-related cybersecurity measures, including protection of energy delivery control system software and firmware update, sustainability of critical energy delivery functions and remote access to field devices while responding to a cyber-intrusion, and detection of compromises within the supply chain and manipulation of power grid components.

The DOE in 2011 released a “ Roadmap to Achieve Energy Delivery Systems Cybersecurity," a document that provides a strategic framework to coordinate public and private cybersecurity programs and stimulate investments in energy sector cybersecurity.

The White House earlier this month issued an executive order that directs federal agencies to use their existing authorities to provide better cybersecurity for the nation through increased collaboration with the private sector. It essentially addresses three areas, calling for information sharing, creating a flexible risk-based framework of core practices based on existing standards, and incorporating privacy protections.

Sources: POWERnews, DOE

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