Corrosion-resistant flowmeter

McCrometer’s new Corrosion-Resistant V-Cone Flow Meter has been engineered to provide precise flow measurement in liquid, steam, or gas media, while requiring virtually no maintenance in the most demanding processes where corrosive conditions exist. The design of the flowmeter is based on advanced differential pressure (DP) technology and requires no moving parts. Built-in flow conditioning allows the V-Cone Flow Meter to achieve measurement accuracy of +0.5%, with a repeatability of +0.1. It operates over a flow range of 10:1 and services line sizes from 0.5 to 120 inches.

With its unique ability to self-condition flow, the V-Cone Flow Meter is also a space-saver, eliminating the need for up/down stream straight pipe runs required by other DP technologies. It can be installed almost anywhere in a piping system or be easily retrofit into an existing piping layout. The flowmeter is available in standard configurations that may be specified with stainless steel, carbon steel, or a wide range of other materials. (

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