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West Virginia Moves to Repeal Renewable Mandate

In a dramatic move that passed the state Legislature with little debate and almost no…

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New NRC Chairman Identifies Priorities and Challenges

Answering questions in a video produced by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), new chairman Stephen…

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European Power Markets Force Changes at RWE, E.ON, and Vattenfall

Persistently low prices on the wholesale electricity market are forcing RWE—the third-largest electricity provider in…

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State of the Union Address Light on Energy Issues

President Obama’s State of the Union (SOTU) address on Tuesday night held no surprises about…


Japan Mulling $800 Million Stimulus for Battery Storage and Efficiency

The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) is considering a proposal for a…

Power in Peru

Although Peru has been one of the best-performing economies worldwide over the last decade, its…

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Mexico’s Electricity Sector Reform in Perspective

Much has been made recently of Mexico’s energy sector reforms, and because those reforms are…

5. SHP centers have flourished. Longshou hydropower station is located in Zhangye SHP base of Gansu Province in China. Taking the advantage of abundant water resources in Heihe Mainstream, there are eight SHP projects with a total installed capacity of more than 1 GW in Zhangye. Courtesy: Baidu Inc.

The Outlook for Small Hydropower in China

As the global electric power industry continues to develop clean, high-quality energy capacity for sustainable…

Opportunities to Thrive in Evolving Power Market

The power generation market continues to evolve due to fundamental changes in market forces. Ongoing opportunities exist to partner with utilities to support this evolutionary process. Leadership Is Key for


U.S. Will Seek to Cut Upstream Methane Emissions Up to 45% by 2025

The Obama administration announced on Jan. 14 that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will propose…

Using Fuel Cells for Distributed CHP in Gas Transmission

Moving natural gas through long-distance pipelines requires substantial energy, and much of that energy is…


U.S. Gas Production Still at Record Highs Despite Collapse in Oil Market

The breathtaking collapse in crude oil prices this past fall, which has seen benchmark prices…


FPL Gets Approval to Invest in Gas Wells

The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) on Dec. 18 approved Florida Power & Light’s (FPL’s)…


Natural Gas Overwhelmingly Replacing Coal, Says Report

The growth in natural gas–fired generation in the U.S. since 2007 has overwhelmingly displaced coal-fired…


U.S. Electric Utility Toxic Releases Decrease 49% During the Past Decade

On Jan. 14, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published its Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) report…

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AEP Looks to Sell Merchant Coal Fleet

According to a story first reported by Amanda Levin of TheStreet.com, American Electric Power Co.…

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Point Level Capacitance Switch for Fly Ash Hopper Measurement

If you’re the person tasked with controlling the level of fly ash in collection hoppers,…

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Advanced Coal-Fired Combined Heat and Power Plant Begins Operation in U.S.

Great River Energy’s (GRE’s) Spiritwood Station began commercial operation on Nov. 1. The plant—located about…


Gaining Control with Electraulic Actuators

Plant engineers at Eskom’s Majuba Power Station in South Africa have been continuously looking for…

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The role of mobile water treatment to offset emergency or scheduled plant shutdowns

VIEW ON DEMAND Register to attend this complimentary online webinar. All registered attendees will receive a certificate of completion for one professional development hour Sponsored By:   Presented By:  …

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LDC Gas Forums – 10th Annual Rockies & West Forum

The Rockies & West Forum is the event where the Natural Gas Industry gathers for networking, insight, and doing real business! Join key industry players in Los Angeles on October 6–8 for unparalleled networking and an agenda full of informative sessions and panels.

Asian Sub-bituminous Coal Users’ Group 4th Annual Conference

The premier Asian coal users’ conference returns for its fourth year October 13-16, 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand. Created to promote the safe, efficient and economic use of sub-bituminous coals by generating companies, it will address safety, handling, combustion, characteristics and risk management topics plus opportunities for networking on a global scale.

Western Power Summit presented by EPEC

The Western Power Summit presented by EPEC (Electric Power Executive Conference®) will bring together corporate-level executives, senior policy makers, financial executives and senior consultants who have a stake or interest in current challenges facing Western Electric Power Markets. Executives will gather November 5-6, 2014 at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, to discuss issues…


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