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The scope and complexity were enormous to retrofit FirstEnergy’s W.H. Sammis power plant with state-of-the-art air-quality-control systems was compounded by a very confined work area and the need to maintain normal power generation during construction. Working with two other companies and acting as the owner’s agent, Bechtel in 2010 successfully installed such a system for the 2,220-MW coal-fired power complex, which dramatically reduced gas emissions and met stringent federal standards. Courtesy: Bechtel

FirstEnergy Moves to Deactivate Two Embattled Ohio Coal Plants

FirstEnergy Corp. will sell or deactivate 856 MW of coal-fired generation to reduce fleet operating…

Black Rock Solar photovoltaic array at Food Bank of Northern Nevada 
Black Rock Solar, a nonprofit entity, installed a 150 kilowatt photovoltaic array at the Food Bank of Northern Nevada in Reno. Courtesy: BlackRockSolar/Flikr

11 Things to Know About the Solar Sector's Precarious Future

Despite escalating growth over the past decade, the U.S. solar power sector faces potentially crippling…

Map of Turkey. Source: U.S. State Department

Turmoil in Turkey Cuts Power to U.S. Military Base

Power supply to a U.S. military base was cut off by the Turkish government following an attempted military coup in the country on Friday.

Source: NFIC.gov

Federal Court Stays EPA’s Regional Haze Rule

A federal appeals court has stayed a regional haze rule finalized by the Environmental Protection…

A round solar prominence burst from the sun on March 13, 2016, shortly after it rotated into the view of NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO. Much of the solar material did not escape the sun’s gravitational pull, falling back to the solar surface. Prominences – called filaments when seen against the sun’s face instead of over the horizon – are notoriously unstable clouds of solar material suspended above the solar surface by the sun’s complex magnetic forces. They often break apart after a few days.
Source: NASA

Severe Solar Storm Could Shut Down U.S. Grid for Months, Study Says

A severe solar storm striking the continental U.S. could cause trillions of dollars in damage…

POWER Digest

Fuel Loading Begins at Kudankulam 2. Nuclear Power Corp. of India (NPCIL) began loading the…


PRB Coal Users' Group Plant of the Year: Ameren's Rush Island Energy Center

Rush Island Energy Center has successfully fired Powder River Basin (PRB) coal for two decades,…


Boiler Tube Failure Thermohydraulic Analysis

Eskom operates 23 power stations in South Africa with a total capacity of more than…


The Coal Refuse Dilemma: Burning Coal for Environmental Benefits

The niche alternative energy industry that generates power from hazardous piles of coal waste that litter the U.S. is facing an environmental Catch-22. The torrent of coal mined and processed in the U.S. since


China Reportedly Poised to Ban New Coal Plants Through 2018

China is preparing to expand nationwide a ban on new coal plant construction announced in…

St Paul Minnesota combined heat and power plant

District Energy Systems Improve Efficiency and Reduce Carbon Emissions

Although it’s not widely publicized, a majority of the energy used to generate electricity is…

EDF's Bouchain power plant

GE-Powered Combined Cycle Plant Sets New Efficiency Record

Guinness World Records recognized GE’s HA gas turbine for powering the world’s most efficient—up to…

Bilfinger is benefitting from the shale gas boom in the USA. Courtesy: Bilfinger/Flickr

Experts: Gas Power's Expansion Riddled with Roadblocks

  Even though it may dominate forecasts, natural gas–fired generation faces a troubled expansion in…


Fuel Cells Could Be a "Game-Changer" for Carbon Capture

Fuel cells powered by natural gas, biogas, and hydrogen are a rapidly expanding option for…

GRDA's Chouteau coal-fired power plant complex

Lightning a Suspected Contributor to Power Plant Fire

A large fire at the Grand River Dam Authority’s (GRDA’s) Chouteau, Okla., coal-fired power plant…

St Paul Minnesota combined heat and power plant

District Energy Systems Improve Efficiency and Reduce Carbon Emissions

Although it’s not widely publicized, a majority of the energy used to generate electricity is…

Stock_Transmission sunset_AL

Regulators Approve Plan to Close Four Minnesota Coal Units

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) approved Minnesota Power Co.’s integrated resource plan (IRP) on…

coal gasification

Repurposed: Coal Gasification Plant Will Be Used to Produce Fertilizer

Phibro—an independent commodity merchant company based in Stamford, Conn.—through its affiliate Philipp Brothers Fertilizer, recently…

Flower growing in a pile of bituminous Kentucky coal. Courtesy: Una Nowling

Is a New Hybrid System the Cure for Coal Power’s Ills?

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have combined two proven technologies to create…


Optimize your plant’s effectiveness with the right outage planning

Register to attend this complimentary online webinar. Maintaining your critical data points is challenging and at times stressful which can lead to costly mistakes and missed improvement opportunities. Gain a…

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