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Drought Has Big Impact on California Power Market

Rain and snow has returned to California, ending the record-setting drought with record-setting precipitation. The…

Stock_COP21 Leaders_UN

Paris Agreement Debate Heats Up

President Donald Trump is getting a lot of advice about the Paris Agreement on climate…

Four Corners Power Plant

Columbia Study Casts Doubt on Trump Coal Plan

Natural gas supply and price, along with lower electric demand and the growth of renewables,…

POY_Collage_April 2017

[SLIDESHOW] A Decade of POWER's Plant of the Year Winners

A showcase of winners of POWER magazine’s highest accolade over the past decade (2016 to…


GE Power Inks Its Largest Services Deal Ever

GE Power signed a landmark deal to provide operations and maintenance (O&M) services for 10…

Power generator steam turbine during repair, machinery, pipes, tubes at a power plant

High-Performance Oil Reduces Varnish and Saves Money for Gas Turbine Power Plant

Varnish buildup in oil systems and components can degrade performance and cause erratic valve operation.…

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Enhanced Boiler Defense Strategies for an Aging Coal Fleet

Cyclic operating conditions can be problematic for many coal-fired power plants that were designed to run as baseload units. Implementing a combustion and boiler performance management program can help ensure


India Gears Up to Expand Fast Breeder Reactor Fleet

India’s Department of Atomic Energy, the entity responsible for research, construction, and operation of the country’s nuclear power reactors, will build two prototype fast-breeder reactors (PFBRs) at

Figure 2-streamdiver

Strategies for Small Hydro Upgrades

Small hydro is becoming big business as ongoing technological advances make more small sites economic to exploit. Older plants can also see substantial output and efficiency gains by upgrading from decades-old


GE Power Inks Its Largest Services Deal Ever

GE Power signed a landmark deal to provide operations and maintenance (O&M) services for 10…

3.	Added gas. Gas fuels 810 MW of Seminole Electric Cooperative’s units: 500 MW of combined cycle power and 310 MW of peaking capacity from five aeroderivative combustion turbine units, all at the Midulla Generating Station. Courtesy: Seminole Electric Cooperative

Natural Gas Projected to Fuel Largest Share of U.S. Summer Power Generation

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) expects natural gas–fueled electricity generation will exceed all other…

Clean Power Plan

Energy Industries Look Forward to Regulatory Relief under Trump

Heads of some of the nation’s energy trade groups are looking forward to a rollback…

Delta Energy Center, Pittsburg, Calif., Courtesy: Calpine Corp.

Explosion and Fire Forces Gas-Fueled Combined Cycle Power Plant Offline

An explosion and fire at the Delta Energy Center—an 835-MW combined cycle power plant located…


Southern California Braces for Possible Natural Gas Constraints

Though Southern California weathered last summer without major natural gas supply constraints that were feared…

Governor of Texas Rick Perry at Southern Republican Leadership Conference, Oklahoma City, OK May 2015. By Michael Vadon (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Energy Secretary Perry: War on Coal Is Over

The Barack Obama administration waged war on the coal industry, but that’s all over now,…


Platform Collapse Kills Nine at Chinese Power Plant

Nine workers were killed and two others were injured when a platform collapsed at a…

Flower growing in a pile of bituminous Kentucky coal. Courtesy: Una Nowling

Holcomb Station Coal Plant Expansion Clears Legal Hurdle

A long-planned expansion of Sunflower Electric Power Corp.’s Holcomb Station is a little closer to…


Tube Leaks Cause Latest Delay to Kemper Project

The Kemper County Energy Facility will not reach full operation by its latest mid-March deadline,…

1. Petra Nova. Sixteen-foot diameter ductwork takes flue gas from the coal plant to the carbon caption facility where the CO2 is removed from the flue gas by the amine solution in the tall absorption tower and then separated from the amine as 99.9% pure CO2 in the smaller regenerator tower to the right before being compressed and delivered to the oil field. Courtesy: Business Wire

Coal Industry Urges Trump to Continue Funding Fossil Energy Research

If President Donald Trump truly wants to revitalize the coal industry, he should continue to…


A New Paradigm Opens: Replacing Low-Voltage, Low-Power Drives with Medium-Voltage Solutions

Register to attend this complimentary online webinar. May 16 at 2 p.m. EDT This webinar is designed to review the potential benefits and concerns of using either low-voltage or medium-voltage equipment…

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