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World’s First Floating Wind Farm Powers Up off Scottish Coast

The world’s first floating offshore wind farm, located roughly 25 kilometers off the coast of…

Courtesy: Florida Power & Light

FPL Halfway Through 600-MW Solar Power Expansion

Florida Power & Light (FPL), which recently sustained a blow to its nuclear expansion plans,…

Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co. (KHNP) in January 2016 put the Shin Kori 3 nuclear reactor online, though it has not yet gone commercial; Shin Kori 4 is expected to start up next year. Although many more APR1400 reactors are under construction, this is the first one connected to the grid. Courtesy: KHNP

Citizens’ Jury Recommends Resuming Nuclear Construction in South Korea

Construction of two nuclear plants in South Korea, halted this July by President Moon Jae-in’s…


Siemens Reportedly Downsizing Power and Gas Business 

Stricken by falling orders for large gas turbines, global technology conglomerate Siemens AG is reportedly…


Labor Department: Solar Workers Laid Off by Import Surge Eligible for Aid

More than 300 solar employees laid off this summer following a recent surge of U.S.…

BP-TimelineRevised_Sept. 13

THE BIG PICTURE: The History of Power

During its 135-year history, POWER magazine’s pages have reflected the fast-changing evolution of the technologies…

Laramie River Station coal power plant Source: LMB Photography

The U.S.’s War on Coal Is Purported to Be Over—What About the Rest of the World?

The Trump administration unabashedly supports coal, and regulations designed to phase out its use in…

From the very beginning, POWER has kept editorial pace with fast-developing technology and a market strongly influenced by economic growth. As was common for early business magazines, POWER has been an outlet for technical content, but it has also reflected the proliferation of new products, scientific advances, and a large volume of news.

135th Anniversary—The History of POWER magazine

POWER magazine was launched in 1882, just as the world was beginning to grasp the…

1980s:  In 1982, POWER magazine celebrated its 100th anniversary. From the very beginning, POWER has kept editorial pace with fast-developing technology, and a market strongly influenced by economic growth. As it had through its first 100 years, during the past 35 years, POWER’s editorial pages reflected the proliferation of new products and scientific advances. It is also a primary outlet for technical papers.

135th Anniversary—Excerpts from the pages of POWER (SLIDESHOW)

POWER magazine—the oldest-running trade publication for power generators in the world—has since its establishment in…

Splash_Gallatin coal power plant_web

Improved Emission Controls and State-of-the-Art Ash Handling Extend Gallatin's Life

It may not be the newest plant in the Tennessee Valley Authority fleet, but the Gallatin Fossil Plant has been retrofitted with some of the latest technology available to the coal power industry. It’s got


Mississippi PSC: Kemper Facility Should Operate Using Only Natural Gas

The Mississippi Public Service Commission (MPSC) at an open meeting on June 21 unanimously passed…


U.S. Carbon Emissions Increase from Last Year, but Still 28% Less Than in 2005

A newly released update to the Power Sector Carbon Index, developed by Carnegie Mellon University…

The Nemadji Trail Energy Center in Superior, Wis., will be co-developed by Dairyland Power Cooperative and Minnesota Power.

Proposed Wisconsin Gas-Fired Plant Would Aid Utilities' Renewable Initiatives

Minnesota Power and Wisconsin’s Dairyland Power Cooperative announced plans to co-develop a combined cycle natural…


GE Power Inks Its Largest Services Deal Ever

GE Power signed a landmark deal to provide operations and maintenance (O&M) services for 10…

3.	Added gas. Gas fuels 810 MW of Seminole Electric Cooperative’s units: 500 MW of combined cycle power and 310 MW of peaking capacity from five aeroderivative combustion turbine units, all at the Midulla Generating Station. Courtesy: Seminole Electric Cooperative

Natural Gas Projected to Fuel Largest Share of U.S. Summer Power Generation

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) expects natural gas–fueled electricity generation will exceed all other…

Luminant’s Monticello power plant in Titus County, Texas, is an 1,880-MW facility fired by Powder River Basic coal. Years units began operation: Unit 1–1974; Unit 2–1975; Unit 3–1978. Courtesy: Luminant

Monticello Goes Under, More Coal and Nuclear Imperiled in Texas (Updated) 

A week after the Department of Energy (DOE) proposed a rule to bolster uneconomic coal…


Pruitt: EPA Will Have CPP Replacement Proposal in Coming Months

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will propose a replacement rule for the Clean Power Plan…


$100M in DOE Funding Available for Transformational Coal Projects

The Department of Energy (DOE) has available up to $100 million in cost-shared funding for…


Four Things That Are Killing Coal

Although President Trump has been promoting a pro-coal energy agenda, there are four things killing…


Mississippi PSC: Kemper Facility Should Operate Using Only Natural Gas

The Mississippi Public Service Commission (MPSC) at an open meeting on June 21 unanimously passed…


The Storm Is Coming! Electrostatic discharge on turbine lube oil systems

Register to attend this complimentary online webinar on Oct. 17 at 11 a.m. ET. Electrostatic charge generation occurs in fluid systems mainly as a result of interaction between the fluid…

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