Schneider Electric Releases All-In-One Battery Energy Storage System for Microgrids

Schneider Electric today announced a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) designed and engineered to be a part of a flexible, scalable, and highly efficient architecture. BESS is the cornerstone for a fully integrated microgrid solution that is driven by Schneider Electric’s controls, optimization, and world-renowned digital and field services.

Graybar, a leading distributor of electrical, communications, data networking products, and provider of supply chain management and logistics services, is the inaugural channel partner for Schneider Electric’s new BESS, offered as part of the EcoStruxure Microgrid Flex system. Renewable energy is a growing part of Graybar’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions.

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“With over two decades of expertise in battery conversion, we are proud to introduce a solution meticulously crafted to serve multiple energy needs,” said Jana Gerber, Schneider Electric’s president of North America Microgrids. “Our aim is to streamline energy expenditures while amplifying the use of renewable resources, including solar PV. Combining our proven track record of innovation with Graybar’s focus on renewable energy solutions will accelerate this mission.”

As part of a microgrid system, BESS captures energy from different sources, accumulates this energy, and stores it in rechargeable batteries for later use. Battery energy storage is the distributed energy resource that enables most customer energy-use cases, including resiliency, demand-charge reduction, grid services, renewable self-consumption, decarbonization of electrical energy, and variable generation smoothing.

Comprised of a battery system, battery management system, power conversion system, and controller, BESS has been tested and validated to work as an integral component of Schneider Electric’s standardized microgrid system, EcoStruxure Microgrid Flex, and fully integrated into the software suite, which includes EcoStruxure Microgrid Operation, and EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor. With a scalable configuration and advanced safety controls, BESS features include:

  • Full Integration: The all-in-one enclosure seamlessly incorporates pre-integrated components, streamlining site engineering, construction, and installation processes while minimizing labor and material expenses. The paralleling capability enables multiple BESS units to function as a unified entity. This comprehensive integration encompasses inverters, batteries, cooling systems, transformers, safety features, and controls, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
  • UL certified and compliant: The solution is fully certified and compliant with UL9540 certification and has a cutting-edge fire safety system design aligned with the latest standards outlined in NFPA 855.
  • Easy installation and maintenance: The ready-to-deploy system, featuring a meticulously tested, validated, and documented architecture (TVDA), facilitates installation processes, surpassing the efficiency of traditional custom-engineered designs. The solution also seamlessly integrates with Schneider Electric’s Energy Management Systems (EMS), significantly reducing integration time and minimizing field errors.
  • Resilience: The system offers bidirectional connectivity to the grid, providing the flexibility to operate as either grid-connected or off-grid. With the capacity to store energy for immediate access during outages, BESS can deliver up to 2 MW of power when needed.
  • Peace of mind: Comprehensive services and support available throughout the lifecycle of the project and warranty execution for optimal maintenance and care.

There are two connection-ready BESS options available: a small, hybrid 7-feet NEMA 3R Enclosure that is both AC and DC coupled and a medium 20-feet NEMA 3R Enclosure that is AC coupled. Sizes for the family range from 60kW to 2MW in 2h and 4h configurations.

The stored energy from a BESS can be discharged to supply power to office, industrial, and commercial facilities, electric vehicles, or the grid.

“Our new Battery Energy Storage System marks a significant step forward in bringing resilient, sustainable, and economical energy solutions to the market,” Gerber said. “Amidst the global pursuit of net-zero objectives and the imperative for an enhanced grid, BESS strategically harnesses onsite generation capabilities to deliver substantial energy savings while maximizing renewable integration.”

“Graybar is proud to be at the forefront of innovation as the inaugural channel partner for Schneider Electric’s state-of-the-art Battery Energy Storage System,” said Kathleen M. Mazzarella, chairman, president, and CEO of Graybar. “Together, Graybar and Schneider Electric remain dedicated to advancing sustainable technologies that deliver exceptional performance and value to our mutual customers.”

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POWER edited this content, which was contributed by a communications group representing Schneider Electric.

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