Maintenance Digitalization: A Connected Workforce Case Study

Louis LaBella, EVP and President of Refining, Delek US and Paul Muir, President, Mobideo Technologies

“Only 3% of turnarounds are executed well. On time. On schedule. On budget. No safety issues… and zero leaks on startup.” Louis LaBella, EVP and President of Refining, Delek US

This presentation shows how this situation can be rectified by digitalization. Maintenance Digitalization Platforms are about connectivity. About connecting people, machines and technologies. About changing the way we work, by speeding-up the flow and consistency of information; by enabling data analytics; by automating processes; by removing friction and unnecessary delays in the transfer of data; by utilizing online, real-time digital dashboards for insights and better decision-making; and by providing customized reports at the touch of a button.

It’s all about connecting the industrial workforce and streamlining collaborative work processes, dramatically improving manageability, data reliability and real-time communication. The session includes a Delek US refinery case study that shows that:

  • Digitally connected workforces move faster and react quicker to change.
  • The automation of coordination and administrative tasks leaves experienced and highly valuable resources more time to manage changing priorities and evolving work more effectively.
  • Productivity is increased when the workforce can receive detailed digital work orders in the field.
  • Real-time visibility of operation execution allows management to understand project status at all times and react faster to bottlenecks and delays in workflows.
  • Digitalization improves processes and enabled standardization across sites.

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