An updated HydroSwage Tube Expansion System featuring new ease-of-use and data collection features is being offered by Haskel International. The compact Mark V system provides high accuracy, speed, and repeatability by expanding heat exchanger tubes into tube sheets through the direct application of high internal hydraulic pressure. It is designed for use in fabricating heat exchangers for steam generation, condensation, and evaporation.

Designed to provide one-step high-pressure expansion regardless of the tube sheet thickness, HydroSwage expanding mandrels feature a patented segmented seal support system that holds high pressures with minimal seal extrusion. Capable of expansion pressures to 50,000 psi, the system accepts 100 to 240 VAC single-phase and requires air inlet pressure between 70 and 150 psi with a minimum of 70 scfm. Expansion pressures are applied uniformly, tube after tube, yielding consistent joints throughout the tube sheet. The method has been applied successfully to expand tubes into tube sheets as thin as 19 millimeters and as thick as 84 centimeters. The system includes touch-screen electronic controls for setup of all process functions. Expansion history is stored and can be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet through a USB port. (