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SUEZ’s New TrueSense* Analyze Reduces Water, Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Digitally Monitoring Boiler Water Chemistry

Industries use a significant amount of water and energy in day-to-day processes, and monitoring boiler water systems can be the key to cutting costs and optimizing resources. SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions today introduced TrueSense* Analyze to digitally monitor and analyze boiler water chemistry, which can reduce water and energy usage, as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

TrueSense Analyze measures key system chemistry parameters for optimization of chemistry usage and decreases the total cost of steam production and asset management.

“Our new state-of-the-art, digitally enabled boiler water chemistry monitoring and control system is revolutionary in that it can help users increase steam production and fuel efficiency, extending the operational life of the boiler through reduced maintenance and unplanned outages,” said Andrew Leach, senior engineering manager, chemical and monitoring solutions — SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions. “TrueSense Analyze is a flexible, cost-competitive platform continuing the TrueSense concept of direct chemical analysis for low- and medium-pressure boiler systems. It provides a robust hardware architecture to minimize hands-on maintenance time while aligning online and offline analysis methodologies.”

SUEZ’s new TrueSense Analyze can be used across multiple industries and boiler types, including typical water tube and fire tube designs. It is a low-maintenance analyzer that can function as a standalone system or be integrated into existing control hardware, such as SUEZ’s PaceSetter* Platinum advanced water and process control system. TrueSense Analyze also can enhance personnel safety and system availability by protecting critical steam-generating assets from damaging waterside scale formation and corrosion.

It works in tandem with SUEZ’s boiler treatment technologies, including the Solus* AP line of all-polymer dispersants for control of deposits in mid- to low-pressure boilers. Additionally, the analyzer can be connected to SUEZ’s industry-leading InSight* asset platform management solution to leverage data and analytics to maximize productivity and profitability, including on-site non-productive personnel activities.

TrueSense Analyze is applicable in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, mining, chemical processing, paper, universities, hospitals and general manufacturing.

*Trademark of SUEZ; may be registered in one or more countries.

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