Pennsylvania Crusher, a brand of TerraSource™ Global, is proud to announce its Coalpactor® has been redesigned with the consumer in mind. The new cage assembly offers significant improvements over previous designs. 
“We are proud of this latest improvement to the Coalpactor® design and are confident that our customers will appreciate how the design incorporates more maintenance friendly features while providing a robust design with improved wear materials and design characteristics,” says Doug Sublett, Vice President of Power and Mining for TerraSource™ Global.

Based on feedback from our Coalpactor® users, we’ve completely changed the breaker plate assembly to allow for improved wear life, easier change out and less maintenance.
In previous designs, fewer crushing surfaces led to quicker wear. The new design has doubled the amount of crushing surfaces, going from 8 to 16 crushing surfaces on either side of the rotor. The wear plates have also been improved with a higher hardness material which leads to improved wear life. This design change also incorporates a decrease in the depth of grooves between crushing surfaces, which greatly reduces the amount of material buildup. Less buildup means less maintenance when changing out plate segments.

While our previous design used a series of replaceable plates running the full length of the cage, the new design uses cast segments that are one quarter the length of the cage, and all plate segments are interchangeable from top to bottom with any area on the cage. This will give our users the opportunity to rotate plates, much like a motorist would rotate his tires, to wear plates more evenly and require less frequent replacements.

The new design is now standard on all new machines and can be easily retrofitted to existing machines.
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About Pennsylvania Crusher:
Pennsylvania Crusher Corporation, a brand of TerraSource™ Global, manufactures size reduction and related equipment to crush coal before it is used as fuel in the steam furnaces of coal-fired power generation plants, and it also serves other industries such as mining, quarrying and glass making.
About TerraSource™ Global:
TerraSource™ Global is the ultimate resource for material processing and handling equipment, uniting three market leaders (Gundlach Crushers, Jeffrey Rader and Pennsylvania Crusher) whose brands are recognized and trusted around the globe. TerraSource™ Global’s mission is to be the global partner today and tomorrow of industrial users of material handling and processing equipment by providing the best technology, quality and service for their given project.