• Outperforms other turbines by up to 20%
• Highest yielding IEC 3 turbine in its class
• Production to start in July 2012 at Arkansas plant

CHICAGO, IL, April 11, 2011. 

“The N117 will help increase America’s total wind potential by turning many light wind sites into viable power producing locations,” said Ralf Sigrist, President and CEO of Nordex USA. “That means yet another step forward in making wind energy a highly competitive alternative even for light wind speed locations.”

IEC 3 frontrunner
With a nominal output of 2.4 megawatts (MW), a rotor diameter of 117 meters and a rotor sweep of 10,751 square meters, the N117 is the highest-yielding IEC 3 turbine in its class. At a typical site it will achieve a capacity of over 3,500 full-load hours, outperforming other turbines in this category by up to 20 percent. This translates into a capacity factor of 40 percent.

The acoustic power level is limited to a maximum of 105 decibels, allowing the turbine to be used closer to residential areas and facilitating optimal turbine layout at wind farms. Its hub height on a standard tower of 91 meters remains below the FAA threshold of 500 feet.

The N117 is the result of 11 years of systematic technical enhancements to the company’s multi-megawatt platform. It is also built upon 26 years of wind power engineering and the experience of more than 1,300 installed multi-megawatt systems.

Nordex will begin producing the N117 at its new US manufacturing plant in Jonesboro, Arkansas, which opened in October 2010. Nordex turbines made in the US contain more than 75% domestic content – a leading position in the industry.

Nordex technology
Nordex has raised the wind class ratings and improved the efficiency of the 2.5 MW product range (N80/N90/N100), resulting in a portfolio of proven technology covering all IEC I through IEC 3 wind classes.

Nordex achieved additional increases in turbine yield through its two new efficiency packages. The first package optimized the interaction of the core components, boosting the yield by more than 2%. The second package, which increases the yield by another 2.6%, adds the Nordex Advanced Power (AP) module to the Nordex Control operation management system. Nordex AP measures air density in addition to wind speed and direction. Using this third parameter the management system adjusts the generator to optimal effect, producing greater yields at light and moderate wind speeds. Nordex AP is available for all turbines delivered from mid 2011.

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