LAKE FOREST, CA – The popular Multi-Spectrum Infrared (MSIR) FL4000H Flame Detector from General Monitors now features a new housing for easy installation that simplifies wiring and other set-up tasks.

The FL4000H, with its next-generation MSIR sensor incorporating neural network technology (NNT), provides reliable flame monitoring with superior false alarm immunity, a wide field of view (FOV), and one of the industry’s longest detection ranges. The FL4000H’s improved design permits cables to be inserted quickly into the base of the unit, which allows the detector to fit in tight corners near ceilings and other structures.

Setting a new industry standard for performance, reliability, and ease of use, the FL4000H detector gives process and plant engineers a powerful new tool for protecting people, equipment, and facilities from dangerous hydrocarbon flame sources.

Like the FL4000 before, the advanced FL4000H combines an MSIR sensor array with NNT processing. The flame detector’s detection algorithm is based on artificial neural networks (ANN), which are mathematical models that correlate certain patterns of infrared and visible radiation with the incidence of flame.  The optical IR sensor array and the neural network function together as an adaptive and intuitive decision-making mechanism, resulting in one of the industry’s most reliable schemes for discrimination between actual flames and costly false alarm sources.

Because of its accurate and reliable flame detection, the FL4000H sets a high standard for performance, reliability, safety, and value.  Now with its new housing design, the flame detector is easier to install and better suited for quick set-ups.

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